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  1. Planning on having kids? Schizophrenia tends to run in families. You need to educate yourself about this serious mental illness.
  2. Since India does not allow dual citizenship, he's going to renounce it and then only have Italian citizenship, right? And then his wife would do the same?
  3. Are you skilled at driving in deep snow and on icy highways after you spend 20 minutes outside clearing the snow from and de-icing you car? In about a month, you may not want to drive!
  4. And if your kid and the baby scream and cry throughout the interview? How do you think the interviewer would react? Could you accept a reschedule?
  5. I would have here come back right away. Like NOW. There is already a second wave happening in Europe, as bad as in March. Plus there is the regular flu coming soon, which is easily spread.
  6. There are plenty of people whose parents are in their 40's and have decades they can work.
  7. Go to Germany, marry, get a DNA test for the child while you're there, come back to US, get a good attorney to handle the rest
  8. Nobody mentions COVID? I would not let her back in the house If she is that irresponsible until she gets tested and quarantined.
  9. Only if coming on a tourist visa. Otherwise, use ACA.
  10. Buy him travel insurance but check first if they cover COVID--many will not.
  11. Is the house your sister lives in being included as "assets"? Or your father's house? These are not considered to be easily-liquidated assets. And can your sister's income cover the health insurance for all those intended immigramts?
  12. May be easier and less time consuming to get DNA testing.
  13. But you as her son must be at least half as stubborn! Haha
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