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  1. "Their premiums for the second-lowest-cost Silver plan are capped at 2.08 percent of income in 2019 (this number changes slightly each year)." Thanks. Therefore, since the parents must stay within the limits specified for "low income status," OP should probably NOT claim the parents as tax dependents, if OP has a healthy household income. OP needs a good tax consultation.
  2. Ohio is one of the states that expanded Medicaid. In the states that did, people falling below the minimum ACA income level (and do not qualify for Medicare even if over 65) would be usually covered under Medicaid. Do not know Ohio's laws about accepting new immigrants under Medicaid.
  3. I don't know why people here are saying your parents can get ACA (Obamacare) health coverage from the marketplace. People must earn (as of 2109) a MINIMUM income of $12,140 per person. It is NOT an option for people who earn nothing.
  4. Not exactly an answer, but since he is vulnerable for respiratory illness, recommend he (and you?) get the following: 1) Annual flu vaccine (available now) 2) Pneumonia vaccine PPSV23 (lasts for decades or maybe for life) or 3) Pneumonia vaccine PCV13 (same)
  5. Start now looking now into buying private health insurance for him. Figure $600-$900 per month dependent on his age. Otherwise, he will need to get work that offers health insurance.
  6. Suggest you get a second job until she can work. Read this: https://cache.hacontent.com/ybr/R516/06607_ybr_ybrfndt/downloads/MG.pdf
  7. You were not required, but you are still allowed to file! Provides another document showing domicile.
  8. "...we were planning to add his name on their birth certificate, will this be in our advantage ? " You need to see an attorney FIRST. Has your husband been paying child support all these years for his children? If not, he may owe the state for back child support, if you collected welfare for your children, as the state may try to claw back that money.
  9. Have you been filing your US taxes including your wife and kids for the years you have been living overseas? If not, you need to backfire for those years.
  10. Your only choices are to buy private insurance, or have them get a job that will pay them $16k per year. A part-time job can do this. Then they can get ACA .
  11. Did you price out what the airlines would charge as extra baggage?
  12. You seem to be confusing mortgage and deed of trust with title. Read this: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/difference-between-deed-trust-mortgage-9124.html
  13. Marry before you buy, even if it's a courthouse wedding and you do a formal symbolic wedding later, so both of you are on the mortgage. Many mortgage companies have a big problem adding people tp a mortgage later, and if they don't like the credit picture of the added person, they can "call the loan," i.e., ask for the entire amount owed, all at once. Not to mention, California has community property laws, in case the marriage fails, and if only 1 person on the mortgage they can claim...you understand.
  14. Varies by university, but most require 1 year of state residency to get in-state tuition rates.
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