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  1. @Duke & Marie - what if I apply for a 10 years green card in 2025? do I have to mention that I had a DUI in 2019? If I apply for my citizenship After 5 years ... do I have to mention that I got DUI in 10/2019 on the application? in both cases I have to prove my good moral character to them......
  2. @Bob in Boston - Thank you for your advise. I just find out from my ( Intervention Specialist ) that I can file for a ''PARDON / Forgiveness'' for my First DUI and if court approves it then the court will give out the orders to completely delete my first DUI from the all record, including all the government records as well. ( as it never happen ). That's what I was told.
  3. They put me in the car and took me at the police station and took my breath sample and after that they drop me back home 'same night'. My license was suspended for 60 days and probation for 6 month. They took my finger prints at the Police station as well. Now I did finished my probation period , my AA classes, all the fines, and it got expunged from my record. Court ppl told me that no one will be able to see that on my record but only if you get arrested again or any criminal offense then they will be able to pull that out other wise its all clear. Now what should I do ?🥺
  4. Thank you for your advice. I think I should Renew my green card in 2025. When 5 years pass then apply for citizenship only?
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I need your help/ advise🥺. Unfortunately I got my life first DUI on 10/2019 😭. I already did my probation and paid all the fine and my this criminal record is already got expunged. I’m already eligible to apply for my citizenship And I have 10 years green card which is going to expire in 2025. What should I do ? Should i apply for citizenship or renew my 10 year greencard? I will appreciate your advice or any suggestions. I’m kind of scared 😟. Thank you. KS
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