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  1. In the post office. You will need to set up an appointment online first on usps.com due to covid. They usually have them for next day. They even take your photo. I just submitted my passport application at the postal office in midtown.
  2. I think you would be fine. I suggest you explain the situation to the officer. I had my interview today and it turned out I didn't see and didn't answer 3 questions on the online form. The officer told me so and just asked me to answer them at the interview with the rest of the questions. At the end of the interview, at an ipad, they show you which edits they changed to your application per your new responses at the interview and ask you to sign that you accept those changes and these are correct. Good luck!
  3. HI All- I wanted to finally share with you (my online fam) my citizenship experience in case it is helpful to some of you. This forum has been of great help to me through the process and I greatly appreciate the support of the community here. Queens Filer 11/27/19 N400 Filing Date 12/10/20 Notification online that interview has been scheduled 12/11/20 Interview notice posted online 01/14/21 Interview - approved 02/19/21 Oath - scheduled Interview Experience 7:45am went through security at Fed plaza then 9th floor, which sent me to 4th floor 8:00am my interview time was at 8:00am and that's exactly when I entered the waiting room. Guy at front asked me the usual Covid questions and handed me a piece of paper with a letter and number (I presume my waiting #). There were 3 other people in the waiting room already when I came in 8:05am called in before everyone else. The interviewer was a very nice lady, very efficient. She said that we were going through the questions so fast that the computer was lagging and she had to wait for it to keep up with us 8:25am she handed me a letter and told me to go to another room on the same floor to get my oath letter 8:50am I was out of the building with the oath letter in hand for 2/19/21. Wishing good luck to everybody!
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