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  1. I just saw my case changed to ready for interview to be scheduled and I got excited. But I guess the interview might not happen soon.. I filed in October 2019, Biometrics taken on Nov 19 2019. I live in Wyoming and we are only 600k people here so I hope it will be faster once they send my case there. Has someone had experience there?
  2. As of yesterday my status changed to "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" MSC center here. My case was received on Oct 7 and Fingerprints taken on Nov 19, I hope they schedule it soon so I can be done with this. I live in a small state (Wyoming) so hopefully they don't have a huge backlog.
  3. Hi all! My husband and I filed the joint petition I-751 on October 2 and on October 10 we received the NOA, which was great. The problem is that they have written my name on both petitioner and beneficiary lines instead of having my husband’s name on petitioner and my name on beneficiary line. What should I do? Do I call USCIS to tell them to fix this paperwork and have them send it again or it won’t be a problem to travel with this document? Has anybody experienced a similar situation? Thank you!
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