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  1. I have been trying but since Covid the SSN office has been closed
  2. I am a new citizen, new i-9 requirements state certificate of naturalization is no longer valid evidence of employment authorization. My certificate of naturalization is with the passport office anyway who are saying 18 weeks (from June) until I get my passport. I had a green card stamp which was due to expire in Aug 22 2021. Per i-9 regulations, employers are supposed to re check these. My social security card says "valid with dhs work authorization only" so I cant use social and drivers license. I have a new job offer and my old work is asking for proof of employment. Question: is there a way around this? I feel like I'm screwed.
  3. The officer didn't call my wife in and at the end of the N-400 they just said I'm going to approve both. Approved both same day, took two weeks to schedule oath.
  4. I had mine about a month ago. Make sure you bring your spouse and this. I used the .pdf as it looked more official. Had issues with security with bringing wife and this got them off our backs: https://www.dhs.gov/publication/uscis-processing-concurrently-pending-forms-n-400-and-forms-i-751
  5. It was more of a waived i-751 interview but yeah, I think you got the short straw, the office definitely know what it is. Every step of this process has been a headache for me, my i-751 took 27 months. I hope you get it sorted soon. I was emailing and calling my senator before but they never got back to me. Have you tried that? Maybe call the USCIS Ombudsman as well.
  6. Thanks, no worries. My office doesn't do same day oath but I just got notification they've already mailed the notice out.
  7. Just got out. They only interviewed me and approved i-751 and N-400. They didn't want to speak to my wife. The security guards did give me hassle about bringing my wife in but I took the above notice out with the "bring your spouse" highlighted and they let her in. Would recommend anyone in the same situation do the same just incase. Relieved to be at the end of the road, good luck to everyone.
  8. I am in the same situation as you. My N-400 is on Monday in NYC. Only received notice for N-400. I will let you know if it's a combo or not. The n400 notice is generic, pending i751 applications are rare in comparison to the usual n400's. I am also bringing the below with the following passage highlighted: https://www.dhs.gov/publication/uscis-processing-concurrently-pending-forms-n-400-and-forms-i-751 The speakers also clarified that, if the jointly filed I-751 petition is pending at the time of the N-400 interview, an applicant should bring his or her petitioning spouse to the naturalization interview.
  9. What office was this? I would call your representative or senator.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. I hope this is the case with us in the NYC office.
  11. i-751 filed: Dec 2018 N-400 filed: Jan 2020 N-400 interview letter received for March 2021. I only got the letter for N-400, no word on i-751. I spoke to someone on the virtual assistant Emma who said "it would be a separate interview" but still going to take my wife just in case as I believe these people often don't have the full picture. Also, contacting my senator and asking them if they can help with making sure it's a combo! Anyone else have any advice?
  12. Westchester Filer Filed N-400: Jan 4th 2020 Filed Pending I-751:31st Dec 2018 Interview notification: 01/25/21 Applied based on 3 year rule When does interview notice show up on portal? Nothing on mine yet
  13. As if by magic got notified that my interview was scheduled today! Nothing on the portal though, awaiting mail. Interview notificaion date: 01/25/21
  14. Any Westchester filers out there? Hoping to have my interview soon! Filed N-400: Jan 4th 2020 Filed Pending I-751:31st Dec 2018 Applied based on 3 year rule
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