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  1. Yes. Just be ready to prove your ties to your country of residence. I got a 10 year tourist visa after losing my greencard after we moved to Namibia.
  2. Pictures, and documents that support your relationship. Any bills in both your names, a rent agreement with both your names on it, birth certificates of kids if you have any, tax returns with both your names on it things like that.
  3. They sent us the instruction page the very next day, they didnt actually send us the interview date. The instructions were for us to go to their site and pick our own date.
  4. We did all of this and they still got our address wrong. After we moved we tried to reschedule our appointment three times because they kept setting it up in the state of our old address. We ended up just driving the 800 miles to the wrong office after the third reschedule. We changed it on line and we talked to several tier 2 people with each reschedule.
  5. I thought I would update here. The interviewer did require my drivers licence and she was very strict about, but in the end she didnt care that it was out of state.
  6. Yeah, this is why I recommend having a lawyer. I am sure if I had sought legal advice instead of just doing what they said it would have been different. I spoke with the people at the US embassy too before travelling and they said I would need a tourist visa as the green card was no longer valid. It was all quite stressful.
  7. It would have to be extreme extenuating circumstances for him to maintain his residence status without being a resident. If i remember correctly he would have to spend no more than six months at a time out of the country, and he would have to have the reentry permit for returning, but even then it would be up to the officer at his point of entry if they let him in. I lost my greencard when we went to Namibia, after 11 months out of the country there was nothing they could do for me, I was made to surrender my greencard at the POE. I would recommend finding a lawyer to see if you have any real options. Best would be if he could get citizenship before leaving, if you get stationed abroad he could apply without having to wait for the residency period to pass (under 319 B). Having gone through the green card process twice I would really recommend you dont do that.
  8. Got citizenship yesterday. Finally done. Applied May18 by mail, interview was Oct 30th.
  9. Not sure whats up with the google doc. I had the interview on Tuesday, it went well!
  10. I talked with the lawyer this morning, he agrees with what most of you stated. It seems it was required up until 2014 but not since then. Thanks for all the input!
  11. Good morning! Always nice to see a fellow South African! Were you able to retain your South African citizenship without much issue? Im heading to the World Market today hopefully Ive heard whispers that they carry biltong.
  12. Morning, my appointment is coming up in a few weeks. The lawyer says I need to get a state issued form of ID such as a drivers license. Has this been asked of people at the interview? We have only temporarily lived in the state in which we will have the interview, I've never changed my drivers license as we are moving the day after the interview. I am worried I may have made a mistake in not changing my drivers license. Any insight?
  13. Received the email notice today. Appointment in St. Louis on OCT 30th!!
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