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  1. It will be difference. I have my biometric in SC but I will have my interview in Charlotte NC.
  2. I know. That’s why I said each trip lasted 2 months
  3. I think you should be fine I spend total 330 days in 5 years of travel. Each trip last 2 months.
  4. Congrats. Did you status change too?
  5. Hello Did you filled in Charlotte NC? When did you they schedule your interview? I filed on Oct 30 . Hopefully I’ll have it soon
  6. Congrats. Where is ur office?
  7. dannyphan91

    Detroit N400 filers

    May i ask. Did they ask you any question why you need your passport that quick? Thank you
  8. I think you should withdrawal and do some research.
  9. This post give me hope. My office is 8.5 month to 14 months
  10. This is a timeline for your local ofice . I hope it will come sooner
  11. dannyphan91

    Charlotte NC fillers

    Anyone here from Charlotte? Hellooo
  12. Congrats. Where’s ur local offfice? I’m still waiting for mine
  13. dannyphan91

    N-400 June 2018 Filers

    Where did you filed? And what’s ur estimate time? Congrats
  14. Congrats. Where did yoi filed?