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  1. The website may say it is closed, however, we had our interview on May 30th and had to 1) go pick up our passport at the embassy on Friday 31st (last friday of the month) but also had to go back and get an original document they forgot to return to us just before / as they were closing. They officially close on Fridays at 12:45 and they are there working in the morning, however, it appeared to be almost completely South African office workers there on Friday morning. They had a question about my case and had to call out to the interviewer for clarification.
  2. I will write formal review in a bit - but everything went without a hitch. They asked if we planed to return to Mozambique and we told them we were just waiting for the documents and then we would buy tickets to the states, The US woman said she couldnt promise but to come back tomorrow and perhaps they could have it done by then and if not return on Monday and they will have it for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has been a part of this group especially for always having words of support and encouragement. For those still in the process I wish nothing but the best for you and hope you soon get to come live in the US also.
  3. Interview time is finally here! Medical is complete - met with the translator yesterday who will assist - all the paper work is in order - fingers crossed!
  4. Beyond excited this is finally happening - all the tickets there are booked - tickets for myself and step daughter booked back to joburg - managed to get an amazing deal (53% off!) on a very nice apartment literally next to the consulate. Organizing my documents now Here is my check list Beneficiary 1. 2x Copies of passport page for medical exam 2. 4x passport photos SA Size (Is there somewhere in Sandton city mall that will do this for us? And will they be open on Saturday / Sunday?) 3. Vaccination card / Med History Card 4. Original and Copy of Long form Birth Certificate with certified translation 5. Original and copy of Police Certificate with certified translation 6. Original and copy of Parental Consent Affidavit from biological father for immigrating to US and allowance to travel with me, step father / petitioner - as well as allowance to provide medical decisions - this includes copies of his national ID card - all of which has been notarized by the civil registry 7. Same as above for mother 8. DS-260 and confirmation page Petitioner 1. I-864 2. 4 years of Tax transcripts 3. Last 6 months of paystubs from employer 4. Original and Copy of Letter from employer confirming current employment and salary 5. copies of photos together with beneficiary as well as western union transaction receipts for money sent to beneficiary while living in Mozambique 6. Original and Copies Long form marriage certificate of myself and beneficiaries mother with certified translation 7. I-130 Package a. I-130 Cover letter b. I-130 application c. Beneficiary Birth Certificate with certified translation d. Petitioner and Beneficiaries mothers marriage certificate with certified translation e. Copy Petitioners Passport f. G-1145 e-Notification page 8. Copies of all communications with USCIS, NVC and Consulate What am I missing?
  5. Do you have to deposit the money into the doctor office account prior to the first day of medical check, or can you pay in cash on arrival? This is for Dr. Hoosen in Joburg Thanks!
  6. FINALLY! We have our appointment booked and confirmed for May 30th. We have our medical Booked and confirmed for May 27th. Have booked an apartment literally next door to the consulate. Fingers crossed for a quick return of the passport after interview and a record speed in and out. So happy the time has finally come - no one; myself, my wife, my daughter in mozambique - can sleep due to excitement Really looking forward to getting to see all my Mozambican family again too! its been years!
  7. Must not have been open today either - try again tonight
  8. Sitting here calling for last half hour and no answer yet - just keep trying is all I can do
  9. WHY DOES NO ONE ANSWER THE PHONE AT THE CONSULATE - Its enough to drive you mad - I wonder how many mornings I will wake up at 3am to call until 6am only to have no one pick the phone up the entire time
  10. Frustrated but making progress Emailed the consulate - no response Called the Consulate Monday morning - She took the case number, email address and then goes "Oh yes looks like your case was just entered into the system, you will receive an email shortly..." email literally enters that moment - She states that as it is an expedited case she has a date on May 30th, would I like it - which i confirm yes. She indicates to follow the instructions in the email, again, which I did. My account on the consulate page says I dont yet have an interview scheduled yet and there are none available. Woke up early this morning and called for two hours and no answer.... so close...
  11. Hope this is the month. Our case was accepted for expediting 3 weeks ago at NVC, after receiving case complete. It was forwarded to the Consulate and last touched on 4/15, however, still no interview date given. I am guessing at this point we are looking at June for an interview at best
  12. they accepted my request for expedite and sent the packet to the consulate in Johannesburg - it arrived on 4/15 - since then complete radio silence
  13. expedited case has now been sitting at JHN consulate since 4/15 and still no interview date assigned.
  14. Case has officially been sent to JNB Consulate - just waiting for a date now!
  15. Me too - I had never actually been told an original interview date - I wonder / hypothesize, that in the NVC system with my case being complete but waiting for interview - they assign it an empty slot - which acts as a reminder in their system every month when they are scheduling who needs to be assigned. An expedite puts the responsibility on the consulate and the consulate alone to schedule a date - so they cancel it in their system so it doesnt get double booked - again just a thought.
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