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  1. Hi question! Asking for a friend. Her and her husband just had their child together. Both of them have not applied for US citizenship because of covid it got delayed. They are still GC holder and both from the Philippines. Their newborn son is of course a US citizen because of the fact that he is born here in the US. Are their son entitled or automatically dual citizen because the parents are not naturalized yet? Please enlighten me if I am wrong. Thank you!
  2. Any update on your MIL? So did she share the payment for the room as well? My mom’s flight is twice again cancelled by PAL 🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. Good to know! Please give us an update! Thank you
  4. My mom has been wanting to fly back home and because of covid19 we had to cancelled her flight in March. I see that there are flights available later this month, are they putting people in quarantine somewhere after flying from the US?
  5. Great! Thanks for looking it up for me.. 😊
  6. Will she need NBI or police clearance from japan?
  7. My son and I are having our birthdays in January and would love to invite my sister to come over from the Philippines. I know it is so hard to apply for a US visa especially with the young age because they think people will just probably stay in the US and not leave. My sister is in her mid 20's and I have been wanting to have her visit us. She have saved a pretty decent amount and have savings in the bank and she have a property she have been paying for back home. She also have been back and forth to Japan for work for 5 years. She have done so much for the family financially that we think she deserves to come here for a treat and see us. Anybody had a recent experience with their family applying for tourist visa? I know there is an instruction and I read it but are there anything else my sister can bring to help w her interview?
  8. Im sure, this has been discussed so many times, my mom is flying back home for couple weeks and was wondering if she would to bring a television with her how much will she pay for tax? Any recent vj member who just flew back?
  9. I’m just curious., so if you drive in the Philippines and have a driver’s license in PI, then you moved in the states, do you still need to take the driver’s permit test and driving test?
  10. I kinda have the same question but different scenario. So we filed my dad’s petition. Mom is the petitioner, she moved here through IR5 last year in November. She has been working since January. Praying that everything goes smoothly with the petition and my parents will get reunited again for good. Since my sister is my mom’s derivative, it will basically be a household of 3. My mom is barely making for a household of 3. However, she lives with us and my dad and sister will be living with us as well. They really won’t be paying anything as far as rent except maybe helping us with the expenses such as bills or groceries. I assume just go ahead and co sponsor with my husband or me?
  11. I know and I understand! I just always question myself. We had a denied petition before and of course we don’t wAnt to run in to the same problem again. Nobody does!
  12. Yes we’re going to. Do we need passport pictures of my mom?
  13. Hi, so we are hoping to send my dad’s petition next week to USCIS. Just one more question that popped up. My mom is LPR, she is petitioning for my dad and derivative is my sister who is currently 17 y/o. Question is, should we, or do we need to include any paperwork of my sister such as passport or any specific? Hope to hear from you soon!
  14. Thank you Hank as always.
  15. Yes she is LPR, Thank you, just worried that they will reject it because it is unsigned and there is not a part where we can put my mom’s name down so they know she filled out the I130a not my dad. Yes my sister is on part 4 as well as my other siblings but only the youngest sister is under 21 y/o
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