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  1. Yes you did mention that. I was just thinking since the form is for the beneficiary and if he is mailing us the photo picture then might as well send us his signed I-130a
  2. Beneficiary is in the Philippines. Petitioner is in the US and holds a 10 year GC. So is it not required to submit the passport photo then?
  3. I guess my dad can mail us the I-130A since we will be asking him to mail us his passport photo correct?
  4. So I-130 and I-130a both to be submitted? oh ok, I guess we will need to ask my dad to mail us his passport photo. We need to wait to file until we have the photo in hand. thanks Hank! You’re such a big help as always. And yes to my sister as my mom’s derivative.
  5. Hi! My mom is filing her petition for my dad and sister who is under the age of 21 very soon. We wanted to make sure we have the accurate forms and requirements to submit. Do you guys mind sharing your list of requirements? Does she need to submit form I-130a and passport photo of her and my dad and sister?
  6. Im hoping that someone can share me the list of requirements they sent to USCIS for bringing the spouse and derivative to the US. My mom is filing her petition for my dad and unmarried child under 21 y/o soon. I would like to double check and make sure we have the accurate requirements for the petition. Thanks in advance. Appreciate it!
  7. Thanks Hank! Do you know if she will need to file I-130A as well? Kinda confused with the instructions. They are also asking for a passport photo of my parents.
  8. So I guess it is F2a for a green card holder who is trying to bring their spouse and minor child in the US. My mom is a 10year green card holder and wanting to file the petition for my dad and sister who is 16. Thanks to the person who told me that my mom only needed to file one petition with I-130. I thought we needed to file 2 I-130 and pay twice. Any recent filers?
  9. Please move post under Regional discussion “Philippines” not sure how I got my thread posted to middle east 🤦🏻‍♀️
  10. Thank you I appreciate the informations.
  11. Wondering how long f2a process takes?
  12. Oh sorry! Thought it was $530 for some reason. Thanks for catching that 😃 Will it be the same requirements as the IR5? And how do you lock in the CSPA age?
  13. She won’t naturalize for a while. She just got here last year and holds a 10year GC
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