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  1. I think for the first question i should follow the steps in
  2. @Ahmed & Amy hello, thanks for starting this guide, did you get time to finish it or start the new one ?
  3. Hello every one, I need some help with two points Am i required to register what so called "passport carrier" service (FedEx) and how to do it ? i am a little bit lost on that many links points to many directions What "evidence of relationship" i need to provide ? knowing we are marred for three years and have two kids ( do we really need to have some of the photographs with us !) Thanks
  4. Thanks you i think we will go with US lawyer now
  5. Hello, I am in the middle of the process of IR-1 / CR-1 visa and i have a relative is applying for the same case it was hard and time consuming to prepare and read all the required docs so he is looking for some lawyer to prepare and fill the docs I-130 & I-864 and related docs I know a couple in the US do it but he is looking for someone in Egypt (expecting it to be lower in cost) do you know any one with experience in this type of work ?
  6. eslam-mahmoud

    Case complete

    check this list of topics about interviews people had in Egypt http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Egypt
  7. who define the validity of the medical results ? is it a fixed number ?
  8. Hello every one, It is exciting now i got the email with but this is a point i am missing here NVC say so what i understand is i need to wait for the appointment that will be send to me from NVC but when i go to the preparation PDF for Egypt, cairo interview https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/CRO - Cairo.pdf i see the first step is the book appointment is required when i follow the link it does not talk me any where to book a date http://www.ustraveldocs.com/eg/eg-iv-visaapplyinfo.asp#U.S.EmbassyAppointment what should i do now i was planing to get my medical examination but it require to have the appointment letter so am i stuck waiting the appointment or there something i should do ?
  9. Thanks every one We applied with two I-864 but sent tax files for both (had only one year for my wife and added a letter explaining why only one year) and we moved to the next step Thanks again
  10. Hello, I need some help filling the AOS affidavit of support, my wife the petitioner income can not support us in the AOS so we asked a family member to be the sponsor and he agree. there is an option 1.d in form I-864 that say "I am the only joint sponsor." can i select this as i did not include any Taxes documents about my wife or he (the sponsor) must be one of two joint sponsors and my wife also must be one ? Another Question about in the checklist NVC sent there an item "Petitioner's civil Documents" and when i searched the form many topics say that it is not required to send any civil documents about the petitioner is it the same in this case ?