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  1. Thanks for replying. By 3 year rule, I was more referring to the "marriage of a us citizen." If so about your statement, I'm hoping others can assist with the other questions I had.
  2. My wife is ready to file for citizenship and is able to do so under the 3 year OR 5 year. I'm trying to do some research and it's kind of vague and most information just says "if you're applying due to marriage with a citizen." It was my understanding that the 5 year rule was much easier, but I'm curious how so? Also, I have read the documents required are far less so the burden is not as high. Does anyone who files for citizenship based off the 5 year rule mind sharing a comprehensive list of what you submitted? Also, sadly, we are under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to a situation that was beyond our control and put us in a heavy burden, but we are well over a year into it and have never missed a payment and are getting our lives back on track. Will the bankruptcy affect the citizenship? And finally, my wife just found out she is pregnant with our first child, would you reccomend considering the 3 year rule? Thank you in advance, we've had zero issues with our immigration journey up to this point, and just want to make sure we have no issues in the final stretch.
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