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  1. Romerican423

    Filling out the DS 160

    We need to fill out the DS 160 for my mother in law because she doesn't know English. How do we fill it out here so she can print it and sign it over in Romania or how can we do the form for her in general?
  2. Romerican423

    Mother in-law tourist visa. Your thoughts

    https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/ds-160-online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/ds-160-faqs.html See section "what documents do I need to have with me for ds160"
  3. Romerican423

    Mother in-law tourist visa. Your thoughts

    Sorry bout that,my phone jumped and clicked submit prematurely. Never applied or been rejected for a visa. Romanian citizen, and I think I covered your other statements in my edit
  4. Hi all, we've already tackled my wife's spousal visa to removal of conditions this past year and I had a question just based on your opinion. We would like for her mother to visit. We've spent most of our 5 years of marriage here in the states and shes not in tip top health, so we would like for her to at least have a chance to visit and see how her daughter and I are doing. That being said, what are your thoughts on the following and the possibility of getting a tourist visa (I know it's up to the IO so just you're thoughts) 1) she is about 56 years old and is not working due to health 2) she does not have an income other than her other daughter and what we send her monthly 3) the apartment she has is hers and is the residence of her daughter and 1 year old granddaughter who she helps raise and will need to be fully available when her daughter returns from family leave back to work 4) although it may not mean much, we can supply an affidavit of support, purchase a round trip ticket (it says on travel.state.gov this can be used as evidence) 5) her entire family other than my wife and two sons who are working in England are there and they are all very reliant on each other. I know it's not a lot, but it is what we have. Financially we could bring her with ease, she would have to go back for family purposes because she is needed in the house for childcare and family matters. So just you'e opinion, what do you think we could expect? She is from Romania by the way. (My wife and I have lived 2 years in To and 3+in the US) so she might could mention that knowing we do not expect her to stay as we intend on going to visit her family too
  5. Romerican423

    Time for us to file for N400, question(s)

    We literally have an overwhelming amount of evidence to send in since our 5 years of marriage... just those stupid finances 😢😢😢
  6. Romerican423

    Time for us to file for N400, question(s)

    I should emphasize it put us in debt here. This was not a vacation by any means.
  7. Hi so we're way over the eligible time to file by about 6 months based on the 3 year marriage rule. However, there us one thing that is concerning and we could use some help with. In June 2017 we had to travel to my wife's country to stay with her family as we had a medical scare with her mom and she felt she needed to be there. That being said, she did have to leave her job as they wouldn't grant her an extended absence that long and this caused a few things to happen. We were only gone about 4 months. 1) Our bank account was closed due to loans overdrafting it due to no income on her end (I am on disability and was supporting her and her family) so we only have bank records from 2014 to May 2017. And this trip also put us in an incredible amount of debt. Other than not having a bank account right now, we have a joint lease, we've filed taxes every year, and all other proof we can find. Will lack of current financials due to debt cause an issue or should it be explained in a typed letter with our packet? Thanks
  8. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    That is our biggest concern. Our case status hasn't updated and since the package is coming, we're scared its an RFE. Wouldn't the case status update if it were an approval and they sent the green card today? Also, we are signed up for USPS informed delivery. It shows us our mail daily, but this one is under the Packages list.
  9. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Also, do case statuses up date in real time, or nightly? I also would have figured that an interview letter would come from the local office, but that was just a guess. An RFE is always a possibility, but we literally slammed them with so much information i doubt they got halfway through without approving it.
  10. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Isn't all correspondence from USCIS considered a "package"? It was sent priority mail and thats about as much as it says about it.
  11. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Ok, did some research on the forums here and apparently this package IS going to be from USCIS. Will be arriving on Saturday Question is : Is it an approval, and RFE, or an interview? Case status still says : Case Was Received as of now.
  12. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Is it just me or is the uscis case status website down
  13. My wife and I were overseas tending to an ill family member for a few months. Her extension letter expired on Nov 2nd this year. We returned Oct 24th and had no issues whatsoever
  14. Romerican423

    I-751 August 2016 Filers

    I wonder if they update on Sundays too