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  1. Hello VJ members, Bit confused while filling out my parent's DS-160. For my dad's application, I put as 'Retired' on occupation and provided his previous employer. And while going through form, it didn't ask about if my dad has been to any countries in last 5 years. But while I was filling out for my mom's, I put her as a 'Homemaker' and form asked If she has been outside of country in last 5 years? is that expected? Both of my parents have been outside the country in last 5 years, just wanted to get some opinions out here.
  2. Thank you so much @Chancy @Jeanne Adil. How do i ensure both parents get interview at the same time? I did put on my dad's application my mom's name for 'travel companion' does thats take care of it?
  3. VJ members, I'm gearing up to apply for my parent's tourist VISA and this community always has been super helpful. I had some very basic questions. 1. On DS-160 form, Is it okay If I fill out in English? My parents do not speak English but i assume they will provide translator in embassy on their interview. 2. Does US Embassy in Nepal even take any financial documents from me or my parents? I heard from my friends and people I know, they don't let pass any documents inside the embassy and solely based on interview. Could anyone please enlighten me? 3. After I fill out DS-160, how does scheduling interview works? Do they put them in backlog or Do I have to manually hunt to got interview dates?
  4. Yup went through now and they mentioned to expect reply by March 1, 2022. Thank you so much @top_secret.
  5. Did you put I-130 receipt number? I'm getting this error after I click on Submit? Or do I need to put my information since I filed I-130 for my wife?
  6. Thank you for your reply. Did you put 'Non-Delivery of Card' on e-request https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayNDCForm.do?sroPageType=ndc&entryPoint=init
  7. @top_secret Did you get green card for your wife, Now I have crossed 90 days after POE.
  8. Thank you so much, this makes me feel much better. I was just concerned since I moved after I filed for my Wife. And also yes please update me. I did pay 220$ immigrant fee after her interview was approved. Will do if it passes more than 90 days.
  9. Your's is very clear. My wife's one look like this. I scanned it so you will see black&white image but it's very hard to tell Date from it.
  10. I do not see I-551 stamp on her passport. There's a stamp on her VISA page but you can't read any numbers/letter in the stamp. Could I make info pass appointment and they will do something about it? I'm more concerned about her work since they are asking to provide updated I-9 verification by March 1, 2022. Please advise.
  11. Hello VJ members, It's been 2 months now and my wife still hasn't received her green card in mail. Her Port of Entry was on Nov 8, 2021. She did get her social security card in Mail within a week. I did move while her green card was in process and did update mailing address on USCIS website. At POE, Office did updated new mailing address. Is there any place that I could track her green card whereabouts? I'm bit concerned because her visa will expire on April.
  12. Hi Romin, It really depends on Service Center that your case gets assigned to. And please do not panic, My Wife's I-130 got approved in 3 months even though website said 2 years back then for Vermont Service Center. I don't want to give false hope to you but there are lot of people that their case gets approved between 3-6 months also. So please keep your hopes high and I know waiting times are not fun.
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