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  1. Good Afternoon  Trininurse   Congratulations 

  2. Good Afternoon  Trininurse   Congratulations 

    1. trininurse


      same to u got my visa today did u?

  3. daisybright

    Trinidadiand applying for k1 and cr1 help

    @trininurse..will do.
  4. Hello @trininurse....any updates about POS embassy that you can share? My expedite was approved but no contact yet. How about you, where are you in the process?

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    2. daisybright


      So you got an email advising your appointment date?

    3. trininurse


      yes i did u can try contact them through there fb page


    4. daisybright


      Ok..thank you!

  5. Cant upload in Transit..error message like I have reached a capacity to upload. Will try to upload tomorrow.
  6. Ok...expedite request denied..then approved.WOW.Totally unpredictable. CEAC..now showing in Transit. @JBMG and @trininurse. See screenshots below
  7. Now back to "AT NVC". Strange..had "Ready"early morning..now back to AT NVC. Anybody can help? @JBMG
  8. Checked CEAC. Now in Ready status. See below. Not sure if it was expedite request orcif Embassy was still scheduling. Anyway..getting closer.No email yet. @JBMG and @trininurse.
  9. @trininurse...nothing yet. Did get email that request to expedite was received and forwarded to embassy. Got email early this morning.
  10. @Louie1988 and @JBMG ....looks like Brazil Embassy is short handed. Saw many many job vacancies. Could be reason for delay. I was checking the US Embassy where I'm to be interviewd, so I looked at Brazil too.
  11. As of today, no date received for interview. Numerous calls to NVC and emailed Embassy, still nothing. Did an expedite request yesterday. Will see what happens. @JBMG
  12. @trininurse....not yet. Hopefully Monday. I will advise immediately if so.
  13. @beppenyc Many, many thanks for the update. I appreciate you taking time to respond given the chaos you and your wife had to experience. Much much thanks. @trininurse thank you again..staying prayerful for you to have your visa approved asap. @JBMG ...stay awesome. I cannot recall having ever been in an arena such as this. All for one and one for all. I will keep updating. Thanks again!
  14. Still have not received notification of interview date for Port of SpainTrinidad and Tobago. CC date July 13, 2017. Have made several calls to NVC, standard response...Embassy as not given dates. Sent email to Embassy inquiring about interview dates. Email response was to contact "AskNVC". The initial response when I was advised CC date via phone was you should receive interview notce in about two weeks. Nothing yet. Any fellow Trinis have info on Septemer interviews in Port of Spain?