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  1. @admin anyone else having problems updating their NOA date on their timelines? I receive an error that, when trying to enter the receipt notice NOA date on my timeline, the dates are too long and must be within 8 weeks. It hasn't actually been longer than 8 weeks from May 28 - July 1 (or 13th) depending on which date is best to add (date on notice or date receiving notice, which I also wasn't sure about which is best to add - I usually enter the date on the notice and leave comments in the comments section)?
  2. Letting you all know that we finally received our receipt notice / 18 monrh extension letter yesterday. Case received May 28 Extension Letter received July 13 Notice Date on above Letter was July 1st
  3. Thanks again @Loren Y, unfortunately we checked her SS card and it still has the DHS approval message on it. I think we messed up there, because she had an SS under her maiden name from a J1 visa trip prior to our K1. We updated the SS to our married name after applying for AOS, i guess we needed to update it again after. I think we’ll still have to do the stamp thing if the letter doesn’t arrive soon enough
  4. @DoodlesLife thank you so much. That’s what I needed to know. So the solution is a letter from the employer requesting current status, which could potentially help us get a stamp appt earlier than the 30 day waiting period if the extension letter still hasn’t shown up, correct? @Loren Y does this sound right as well? Thanks everyone for their assistance, much love to you all.
  5. Hi, My wife's 2-year green card expired a couple days ago. We recently moved to Texas from New York, so she's been looking for a job for several months now (because of covid). Our ROC petition was received on May 28 (or June 2 depending on which USCIS website we check it on). On June 2 we've received the text message with our case number, letting us know to expect our receipt notice in the mail. Today her job search finally had some responses and she has two on-site interviews tomorrow. So, we wanted to ask - is she still eligible to work while we wait on this letter to come in the mail, or do you have any advice for how we should handle this if it comes up, either in the interview or during the on-boarding process? We know we can explain that the extension letter is supposed to come soon, and there's even a chance it shows up within the next week or two. That said, I've been hearing that they are super delayed for most of the April and May 2020 filers. Many of them have been waiting more than a month with everything going on, and are starting to run into similar problems as our's. So, I'm sure any advice you might have would be helpful for a lot of us, so - as always, thank you so much for your time and advice.
  6. Spoke too soon, got our case received text message just now at 7:45pm today on June 2nd. Case package was delivered to Lewisville, TX lockbox Thursday morning last week at 10am on May 28. Now the apparently long wait for, hopefully, our I-797 receipt notice. It said in the text message that the 797 would come next, quote: USCIS: Your case was received. Receipt # SRC <case #>. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) to follow in mail. Msg & Data rates may apply. DO NOT REPLY
  7. How long has it taken people to receive their case accepted text or email? Our FedEx package was delivered to the Lewisville, TX lockbox last Thursday morning on May 28, so we’re on day 4 waiting for our acceptance or rejection notification
  8. I would try calling them, (I’m guessing you’ve probably done that multiple times already) or try posting a new thread on the main Removal of Conditions forums here to see if anyone else has had this problem and gotten it resolved
  9. Did you use US postal service and mail your file to lockbox like it sounds from your post? Lockbox is for UPS and FedEx deliveries only. USPS goes to the service center directly. Check here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751-direct-filing-addresses Edit: never mind I’m wrong about the lockbox thing, just saw that they changed it back in September for 751, they’re all going to lockbox facilities, just different ones depending on which mail service, still a good idea to check the above link.
  10. Ugh sorry to hear you’ve been waiting so long, hopefully they fix that soon. We sure do put in enough hard work and money for it to get the attention it deserves. edit - also thank you for coming over here to May to let us know about your experience with this
  11. Congrats! Waiting for the same thing here. Did you mail it out via us mail or overnight it to a lockbox with fedex or ups?
  12. Did anyone mention that getting tax transcripts is super easy and you can do it online in just a few minutes? Sorry if this was already said, but here’s the link in case you two need it: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript
  13. Almost forgot, here's our list of evidence provided, as written on our cover letter: Exhibit A - Photocopy of Marriage Certificate Exhibit B - Photocopies of our NY State IDs showing shared address in NYC Exhibit C - Photocopies - joint Medical Insurance Cards from New York Exhibit D - Photocopies - joint Medical Insurance Cards from Texas Exhibit E - Benefits Confirmation Statement from current employer showing wife as beneficiary Exhibit F - Lease Agreement for our Apartment together at our present residence in TX Exhibit G - Joint Tax Return Transcripts 2017, 2018 (filed 2018, 2019) Exhibit H - Joint Savings Account Statements - going back approx 1 year Exhibit I - Venmo Statements (digital money transfers between us) - going back approx 1 year Exhibit J - Copies of flight itineraries (2) or boarding passes (1) showing flights taken together Exhibit K - Copies of recent mail / statements received at the same address: Joint Savings Account Statement (from our new address in TX) Medical Insurance Statements, one for each of us going to the same Chiropractor Exhibit L - Affidavit Supporting our Marriage - Father / Father-In-Law Exhibit M - Affidavit Supporting our Marriage - Mutual Friend Exhibit N - Chronological Photos of us together and with family and/or friends - 2017-Present Note: photos supporting the above affidavits are noted as such in red Exhibit O - Photocopy of dated photo postcard of us from Niagara Falls Exhibit P - Photocopy of dated photo postcard of us from Empire State Building
  14. Hi, joining May filers here, application received at TX lockbox this morning, awaiting email confirmation of acceptance from our g-1145. We filed pretty last minute, a little over a week before the end of the 90 days, not usually like us and was due to a cross-country move + covid situation messing with our move + a herniated disc, ouch! Wife's GC expires on June 7, so we barely made it, phew..
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