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  1. HI there - if I submit a change of address, will anything come to my old address? I really don't want anything going to my old address is all and I can't remember if they send confirmation letter to the old one or not.
  2. Ok thanks so much! Appreciate the feedback
  3. OK I would be leaving with no intent to continue the process. Would I be able to come back in 2 years ro so on the ESTA program or would I be red flagged?
  4. Do I need to notify immigration of my intent to leave?
  5. While adjusting status can you leave at anytime without notifying anyone if you intentions are to not come back? Would I be questioned when leaving?
  6. KristyD

    Change of Address

    Hi What happens when I change my address, do I get am acceptance of a change of address or what? Reason I ask is I need to get out of where I am and don't want any further documentation shopping up at my current address.
  7. Okay thank you. I think he was worried he would get arrested or something. I know someone who overstayed in Australia and she got a slap on the wrist and a 3 year ban
  8. Hi Guys, I have a friend here in a sticky situation and I am wanting some advice. He has overstayed his visa here so we wondered what would happen when he tries to return back to New Zealand? Anyone know of anyone in this situation, please share your experience!
  9. Just didn't know the process. I am not able to appeal the case. Very long and complex story. it says if i am placed in removal proceedings I can reopen the case.
  10. Yeah he has been handling my case as it is complex, waiting to hear from them in regards to the letter i got today.