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  1. NatalieC136

    How to fill this cover sheet out?

    No just my Australian birth certificate
  2. I never called anyone I got an email saying visa granted and being sent in the mail
  3. 2 days in total. At the interview they say it can take up to 7 days due to background checks they do after the interview
  4. Yeah from the consulate. I'm not sure why yours hasn't been posted yet but I'm sure it will be soon!
  5. I got my visa in the mail today. I live in Melbourne though. I'd say Perth or FNQ would take longer
  6. Im flying over December 18th. I got maybe 5 questions in total. Its really as stressful as you make it out to be. The vibe is more a serious situation type but i didn't find it stressful
  7. Hi Cath, thank you for the well wishes. The email from NVC is standard, with the email from Sydney to follow. The email from Sydney will have the checklist to print. I went in about 8:35 cleared security and was done and out by 10. Small-ish rectangular shaped room so it appeared to be a lot of people but was only about 20. The US Citizen enquires are seperated from the visas, they sit on a different side of the room.
  8. You'll have to call NVC on Tuesday or very late Monday night given the time difference right now it is Saturday in the US and the NVC only work Monday- Friday. I attached a photo which is a snip from the email the consulate sent me, asking for the envelope. Thank you for your well wishes, if you need any advice I will try assist where I can 😊
  9. It is quite stressful I understand. I called NVC. If you call the Sydney Embassy, all I got was an automated voice message, I think because I was trying to call before 9am. You can also email them, I got a same day response: support-australia@ustraveldocs.com I believe the NVC is finished with scheduling for November, so most likely you are on track for December. Given your issue with needing your passport back, you could risk it (you're actually required to provide a 500g A4 express post envelope that they mail your passport back to you in) most people get it back in around 7 days. However I wouldn't want to risk that if I were you. Slots at the Embassy only open up if someone else cancels though. So its either postpone the interview or risk not getting your passport back before your holiday 😓
  10. I called and confirmed I had a case complete because on CEAC it had document qualified. Prior to calling I received 2 emails saying the NVC have updated my case on CEAC and to login and check. Once I did that I called, confirmed I had Case complete and then waited for an interview date. They gave me the interview date over the phone and said I would get another email. I received the email from the Sydney Consulate confirming the interview date and time a few days later. the day after that I received the NVC email saying they are working with Sydney. I had no issues with my interview date but I would say if you needed to reschedule you would have to contact the Sydney Consulate and work with them. They would most likely give you a later date though, not an earlier one.
  11. My case was completed at NVC october 3rd and I found outabout my interview on the 15th of october. My interview is scheduled for November 20. Hope this helps 😊
  12. NatalieC136

    Interview wait times

    It's also going to take longer to get approved if you mail your things the traditional snail mail way. I would suggest trying to put your info in the weblink I mentioned. Pretty sure Australia is eligible for online processing no matter the case. My case number also had SYD prefix Just a suggestion 😊
  13. NatalieC136

    Interview wait times

    SYD is a case number for Australia (like mine ) my case was electronically processed ... I was under the impression Australia was all EP? Maybe not. I just got an email with a case number and invoice ID and went to https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx and just entered in my info from the email and paid my fees
  14. NatalieC136

    Interview wait times

    Hi, my visa is a CR1. I upoloaded my documents via CEAC september 21st. Why did you mail your documents? What is your visa type/category? my case was completed at NVC october 3rd and I found out about my interview on the 15th of october. My interview is scheduled for November 20. General rule is about 4-6 weeks from case complete in regard to Sydney however other factors may change that from time to time.
  15. NatalieC136

    I-864EZ and previous divorce

    I can't advise but maybe @pushbrk can?