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  1. Prices there are way too high. If you plan to visit (obviously not right now), buy here and then check the unopened box as luggage. But camouflage the box to make it look like the box is being used for something else so that it is less theft prone.
  2. From New York to Manila - about $600 mid-September, mid-October, mid-November. Those all seem like very good prices to me. (Used Kayak.com, with 3 day search window in each direction.)
  3. RN in the U.S. is a 2 year degree. BSN is 4 year degree. MSN is BSN + Masters coursework, about 10 more courses. She/you might contact local employers (hospitals) to see what she would have to do to qualify for positions that require the BSN or MSN. Hospitals with Magnet status have a strong preference for nurses with at least BSN, so meeting that standard would be very helpful for having more opportunities and greater pay and responsibility. And, as others said, study for and pass the NCLEX.
  4. As a professor, I've had to evaluate many transcripts over the year for academic purposes (placement and/or credit). Each university has it's own preferred provider(s) for transcript evaluation. If it's for employment, I agree that experience will matter. But if licensing is involved, then the licensing agency may well have preferred provider(s), just as a school does.
  5. I do not think the question is asking about whether you have a Masters. Rather, it is asking if you have "received certification from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools". Do you have that now? If you do then say no, because you are already credentialed to work in the US. If you do not yet have it, but intend to get it, then the answer would be Yes. You should start studying for the nursing certification exam, the NCLEX. Also, there is an interesting article at https://www.nurse.com/blog/2015/01/28/coming-to-america/ that might be helpful. My wife is from the Philippines. She had over a decade of elementary teaching experience. However, she didn't have any luck getting a teaching job in the U.S. She is now midway through her nursing program.
  6. I am not an expert on the questions. But my reading is a bit different than yours. To the first, no, you are not a graduate of a medical school, so answer no. To the second, yes you are a healthcare worker and yes you are going to seek this work in the US, so answer yes. To me, these questions are not about you using your fiance to do an "end run" around immigration rules. In fact, it indicates that you want to contribute to U.S. society in an area where this is a shortage, once you get to the U.S. I believe I've heard somewhere that nurses have a harder time immigrating to the U.S. But I don't know if this is accurate, and feel strongly that you should be sought, not rejected. Sadly, that doesn't mean the US government will think the same way.
  7. I usually start my searches on Kayak.com. They will direct me to a booking site, sometimes Cheap-o-air. Airlines often charge a premium for non-stop flights. I did a search for MNL-LAX for June 8. Non-stop $797, one stop $504 (through Taipei), 2 stop $281. I wouldn't do the 2-stop, as I don't know how easy it is to connect in secondary Chinese airports, or what happens if something goes wrong. But a one-stop through Taipei is definitely doable if you're comfortable with connections in foreign countries where English is not common. I would try for a flight that arrives morning or early afternoon. I've had international flights delayed by up to 4 hours. If that happens and you're due to land at 11 p.m., you will arrive in the middle of the night, with no connection until the next morning.
  8. Another flight option (Aug. 13): China Eastern Manila-Shanghai (10 hour layover)-JFK(New York) $664. You could fly up to meet her. Overnight at JFK. Aug.14: Delta JFK-Tampa $129. This has two long lay-overs, but gets the cost down to $793. If you wanted, you could even see New York for a couple of days before going to Tampa.
  9. Many of you get your biometrics shortly after you file your I-751, long before you can file your N400. In spite of this, the two timelines seem to converge. See all the people who are having both interviews together. For us, the biometrics were about 9-10 months after the I-751 was filed. The I-751 seems almost irrelevant, since the N400 is likely to get citizenship by about the end of the year. Then we won't care how long the I-751 takes. It will be moot. We could easily have postponed the I-751 biometrics, saved a trip, and then done the I-751 biometrics when we do the N400 biometrics. YMMV.
  10. One tip for joint I-751 + N-400. My wife just had her biometrics for her I-751. They said that if she had already gotten the biometric appointment for the N-400, she could have done them together, saving a trip. I would suggest to those whose timing is close to similar for the two that they delay the I-751 biometric appointment and do the two together.
  11. The bag re-check after going through customs is very simple, as the bag is already tagged to the final destination. (This assumes all travel is on one ticket, and the bag was checked through to Jacksonville when checking in at MNL.) You pick up your bag, go through customs, then drop it right after customs to the Delta bag connect person. You don't have to go through ticket counter check-in again. Sadly, if you went to Atlanta, you could not help her with that part of the process. If she has the courage to ask a stranger, most experienced Americans can help her with the process. Also, there may well be other Filipina on her flight. Crowd sourcing courage and information works wonders.
  12. I checked using Kayak.com with flexible dates. I found June 5, Cebu-Incheon- JFK (New York) (Asiana)-Jacksonville (Jet Blue) $723, total 33:16, including 9:55 layover at JFK. Both Korean and Asiana have excellent service. Earlier flight JFK-JAX, arriving 4 hours earlier, only raises the fare to $754.53. Total travel time 29:13. Looking at other weeks, Wednesday seems the cheapest day to fly. You might want to fly up to JFK to welcome her. She would land at Terminal 4, go out to Air Train to Terminal 5, and go back through security. Taking Korean to Atlanta and then Delta to Jacksonville has total travel time of 26:01 (a real plus) for $906.51. Also, one does not have to leave the building.
  13. The non-stop Manila-Los Angeles on Philippines Airlines is actually cheaper in May than in peak summer (June-August). Using Kayak and flexible dates, I found tickets for the two of them for $817 non-stop, $465 one stop in Taipei on China Airlines. Also note that round-trip is just under $1,000. If you fly there and guide them back, the savings on their fares of the one-stop ($350) will cover a significant portion of your ticket. Also, it will increase the luggage allowance, which can be very helpful. Second, realize you will have to marry rapidly, within 90 days. Depending on how big a wedding you plan, this may well take some doing. She may well find it easier and cheaper to find a wedding dress before she leaves, especially if she is petite. Have you gathered information on clothing shopping in her size near your home? My wife found that she had FAR more selection in the Philippines than in Michigan.
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