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  1. Greetings , if you can help with some questions regarding upcoming aos interview. I posted on forum but not many help feed back. 


    The checklist provided by uscis in notice of action is asking for completed examination form i693 unless already submitted. 

    we are not sure if that was the vacination documentation worksheet completed prior k1 visa interview at St lukes medical center in the philippines. We submitted the sealed envelope to the officer at the point of arrival. 

    Thank you

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    2. payxibka


      Yes that is what they will want to see.  It is marked complete. 

    3. Butziee


      Sorry for being redundant and bothersome, i jsut want to clarify to ease the nerves. 

      We do not have to provide i693 nor go get updated medical examination and vaccines from a civil surgeon?

      Thank you so much for your time and patience. ❤️ 

    4. payxibka
  2. Thank you for the reply! I believe the the medical examination was complete. How do we check ? We dont have the medical examination anymore because we submited already. And about the residence , all our documents have my parents address. Can we just not mention living with my grandmother? We stay at both addresses but mostly my grandmother when she needs help.
  3. My wife(immigrant age 23)and I(us citizen age 24) will be having our AOS interview in three weeks. We have a few questions and not sure who to ask for help. If you have the time, I would appreciate your knowledge and advice. 1. completed medical examination (form I-693). We are not sure if that was the documents that was given during the port of arrival or if we are suppose to get an updated medical examination for my wife. Also , does it expire? If so, i think its already been more than a year since my wife did her medical examination for the k1 visa process. 2. Regarding address. Throughout the whole k1 to aos process we provided uscis with my parents address because our plan was to live with them until we were able to provide for our own, and also because my father is a cosponsor. However, my grandmother suffered a stroke a year ago and we have been living with her helping around the house. My grandmothers house and my parent's house are only 4 minutes away. Every other day we would go to my parents house for our mails and just to hang around. Would it hurt us that we did not update uscis? 3. Currently, i am a nursing student and not able to work full time but my wife works full time. Do we provide i864, recent tax returns, recent paystubs, and letter from employer for my, my wife, and my father who is the joint cosponsor? 4. Supporting evidence due to our situation is a joint bank account, joint credit card, cell phone bills, health insurance under our name, and texas id card with parents address. We don't have that much supporting evidence such as lease agreements under both names or car lease under both names. We are young and still living with the help from my father and also my grandmother. Will that hurt our chances of approval for aos interview? Thank you for your time and i apologize for the lengthy message!
  4. I have my aos interview in three weeks as well and have a similar question regarding addresses to provide. The address i provided to usicis was my parents address because my father is cosponsor and i am still a student. Originally we were planning to reside with my father until I graduate and able to provide on my own but a few months ago my grandmother suffered a stroke and we decided to stay with her and help my grandmother around the house. I have not updated uscis with the address because my parents house and grandparents house is only 4 mins away. will we have a problem and what should we do ? than you!
  5. AOS interview is being scheduled Excited and nervous now! Any tips to prepare? Thank you!
  6. Just want to clarify. If uscis case status still shows fingerprints complete Aug 6, 2018, then they still have not got to our petition thus still having a possibility to receive RFE, but if it shows ready to be scheduled , that means the petition was already reviewed and is at no risk for an rfe?
  7. Why waste money on rapid visa when you can have free help from people as knowledgeable or more knowledgeable and whom have or is currently going through the same situation as you. I wasted time and money with rapid visa.
  8. Greetings : ) Do any of yall know how long uscis usually take to send a receipt notice for ead/ap renewal application? I sent my ead/ap renewal about two weeks ago but havent received any notice if they received it. Thank you
  9. Greetings, I submitted my ead/ap renewal application about a week ago, are we suppose to receive an update on uscis case status for an update or other update through the mail? Its been more than week and worried they havent received it. Also, do you guys know how to update uscis with our mobile number to receive update with that as well? I recently updated my number. than you !
  10. Hey, thats wonderful news! Thank you for that update! Very excited
  11. Are you in anyway related to the person your friend wants to marry?
  12. At the time of filling we were residing with my mother but a month after we moved away. We added a letter from my mother stating she will house us until we are able to find our own place to live.
  13. I am worried now that my AOS will be denied. When we filled AOS we used my mother as a joint sponsor and she only filled i864 instead of i864a. Not sure if we did that wrong or were suppose to submit i864a as a supplement .
  14. Hello Liz! Thank you for this information. I live in dallas tx so im assuming im way within normal processing time. I have a follow up to question 3. If the 6 months extension is still not enough time to cover the rest of the processing time, do i just re apply again ? Getting paranoid and dont want to give up my current job if that happens.. thank you!
  15. Greetings, Im new to this forum and was getting a little concerned regarding my aos process. I see some of yall are already had interviews but my case status hasnt been updated since aug 6 when i finished my biometrics. I updated my timeline for better understanding. I wonder if theres something wrong with our papers, so far no rfe or any update yet. Few questions: 1. Should i inquire about the status of my petition? 2. Am i within the processing time line? 3. Gona refile ead card soon, will i be able to keep my job while updated ead is procesing? ( i know the processing times are really long now) Thank you so much for your help!
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