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  1. My interview was 8:30 am- I entered the building 8:15, waited 5 mins and my officer opened the door and called my name. When I was done I went back to the lobby I signed the oath form and they waited until there was 5 of us so they asked us to enter a room to take the oath. Once done you can ask another applicant to take your photo inside. be happy that you’re going to Lawrence, very nice people! Good luck!
  2. I had my naturalization interview today in Lawrence MA. N-400 based on 3 years marriage. the IO approved my application on spot and I took my oath same day so I’m officially a US citizen now but my thoughts and prayers for the ones that are still waiting. I had the best experience today in Lawrence field office. My officer was a wonderful person, she was very friendly and smart. We had a really nice conversation about different topics. She first started with the reading and writing using a tablet, then asked me 6 questions. She only asked for my Greencard. We went quickly through the yes/no questions. When I was waiting I thought it’s going to be a difficult one but instead it was a very smooth procedure. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks to every member here. I had a great day today because I just became a US citizen, one day after the presidential election. I was blessed with an amazing IO. She treated me with care and respect, She started with the civic test which I passed in less than a minute and we had a really nice conversation about different topics. She also shared great information and encouragement for my future here.. She didn’t request any documents or evidence except my green card. She then informed me that I’m taking my oath right away. I think they can tell when you’re relaxed and being honest. They’re trained for it. I love the Lawrence field office. There was a 10$ (cash) parking right on the side of the building which was great. Good luck for everyone that is still waiting! Good luck
  4. Hey guys, I hope that everybody is doing really well. I have my Naturalization interview and civic test on Nov 4. Let’s assume we get the election results by midnight on Nov 3 and if we have a new winner. Would President Donald Trump still be considered the president from Nov 4 until the inauguration? Also how about senators and representatives?
  5. Congrats! Lawfully just Ping all case status On the egov website and notify you when it’s updated. In my case egov also was updated first
  6. Prayers to your mom, the toughest part of immigration is being away from our parents especially when they get sick. I haven’t seen my parents in 5 years.
  7. Good point there. How if an applicant brought his/her spouse to the interview and they both start fighting in the waiting room or during the interview would that be a denial? Lol
  8. Some people go to the interview without any question about their marriage and some others get questioned and sometimes even get an RFE. In my opinion it all depends on the officer and if he/she suspects something. Right now and due to Covid they’re not allowing the spouse to enter the building but who knows in the future. Legally you’re supposed to be living together in martial union up to the oath taking.
  9. He was recently able to convince a nice representative over the phone to start an inquiry for him which I’m assuming would be helpful if assigned to an officer soon. All other representatives told him that they can’t do nothing before 44 months. His online account says Ready to be scheduled for an interview since May 2019 but no indication on where the file is. Thank you
  10. I suggest creating an expensive premium line for the ones that are willing to pay a lot just to skip the anxiety of the Long process. That would fund USCIS very well and help the one that are willing to wait little longer and save some money. A friend of mine told me he’s willing to pay an extra 5k just to skip the line It’s only a suggestion but It doesn’t mean That I’m right. it would be nice to hear your opinions.
  11. Congratulations! In my case it took until next day morning to update the letter. Your interview will probably be around Nov 5 . I downloaded the USCIS official app to practice for the test I like it! I’ll also check some YouTube and other resources. Good Luck!
  12. Wow I’m sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine having to wait that long. I think it’s always better to get done with I-751 first take a little break and go back to the game again but I understand why people do that as well.
  13. For the N400 I would only trust the case processing time estimates by local office and not the one that shows on your personal account on myuscis page. If it says 11 months minimum I would deduct 5 weeks and that’s when you’ll most probably get an update. Some people are just lucky and they’re done before that. Good luck!
  14. That’s a long wait. I hope you get an update soon and Thank you for letting me know
  15. Is the 44 months a new estimate after the pandemic or has it been like this since before? Last year My I-751 was approved in 12 months without an interview because they interviewed me for my I-485 . Not the case for my friend he didn’t have an I-485 interview. Thank you!
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