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  1. The notice came within 7 days after receiving the email and before receiving the biometric appointment and it was the first extension letter and later on I received another duplicate extension letter as well. When I filed I used a PO Box for my mailing address to avoid losing mails but that doesn’t mean yours definitely got lost maybe it wasn’t sent by misyake, I think you can make an online service request if you don’t receive it whithin 30 days from receiving that email, I don’t think that’s a big problem as long as you did your bios unless you are traveling. In worst cade they will send you a new one.
  2. I'm filing at VSC, I sent my Application couple days before Christmas and I already received my extension letter mid January. I also did my Biometrics end of January. Before getting my Extension letter in the mail I received an online update from USCIS. did you receive an email or a case status online update stating that they received your file and sent you a notice by mail?
  3. I would be more concerned about the Biometric appointment rather than the extension letter, I received the Biometric appointment letter before receiving the second extension letter. I believe it worth calling them to see if they sent the biometric letter or not. I don't know why they don't send an online notification or status once they set u a bio appointment.
  4. I received a second extended letter as well but this one without Fee waived, It could be that it's not only by error. Maybe the first one says fee waived because because they were not sure yet if you need bio or not on the first one and after the bio they send another one with receipt of the amount include bio fees? just a guess but anyway it's nice to have 2 original extension letter in case you loose one then you have a back up plan. BTW heading to my Bio appt. next week, USCIS are doing a great job now, pretty fast for almost everyone. I hope everything will be better for the people with some delays. Good Luck!
  5. I received my Biometric appointment letter
  6. I received a text and an email with Receipt # last night 12/26/18 around 4pm. The email suggest not to check case status online until after receiving the letter by mail. My file is on the way to Vermont.
  7. I'm a Christmas filer, I sent my Package 12/20/18 to texas it says delivered today this morning 12/22/18 . did everyone see the memo from USCIS regarding I-751 submitted after 12/10/18 , I'm hoping for a little faster procedure after this memo.
  8. USAjune2016

    I-751 PDF problems

    Just worked for me now I don't know how but it suddenly worked.
  9. USAjune2016

    I-751 PDF problems

    this is a good idea but nothing is working yet for me, Firefox just open the files in the PDF viewer and I got back to the same problem. I tried opening the form on a different device but still the same. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, -Using Google Chrome the I-751 PDF form downloaded from USCIS.gov is not letting me type in anything in the Physical address 17.a -Using an up to date version of Adobe reader the app is not letting me use any characters like / or . It says "enter alpha characters only" Did anyone face the same problem? I really prefer not to handwrite my Form. Thank you
  11. Thanks everyone for your help, I agree with you. I feel better using my PO box especially for mails coming from USCIS .
  12. Hi, Did anyone use their P.O. Box as their mailing address on I-751 different then their Physical address ? I don't want my mails to be lost but I'm also worried if that could be a red flag for the USCIS officer ?
  13. Hello, After weeks of work and preparations We're finally almost ready to send my I-751, I'm wondering what is more convenient for USCIS lockbox : - I already have the papers punched at the top with a fastener and a cover letter and all that, should i put it in a protective envelope and then place it inside the box ? - I want to use the sticky tabs on bottom, can I also use dividers ? Thank you in advance!
  14. Thank you and congratulations for becoming a US citizen. Great timeline
  15. Thank you for your reply. I mean screenshots of post with photos of me and my spouse together that we shared on facebook during our marriage with dates.