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  1. I’m learning that this is normal with the Naturalization process , my estimate time was July 2020 then August and later it disappeared. Almost everybody who applied after me is getting an interview. It probably depends on how backed up the officer that has your file.I really cannot think of any other reason.
  2. I personally got a biometric reuse notice but I read here about a case where the applicant sent an inquiry through the USCIS website(Menu- inbox...), their inquiry was forwarded to ASC and they got an appointment.
  3. Don’t worry you’re interview is probably going to be around October 12 plenty of time and I heard it’s easy. Stay positive the hard part is over. Enjoy it
  4. That’s awesome congrats!! It’s so funny it just happened while I’m writing you a post, a good memory to have keep us update it , did you already study or you’re just going to start now?
  5. A February applicant in Boston just got his interview scheduled and another Feb applicant also in Bos got his interview done with oat same day.
  6. I applied March 2020 in Lawrence (I-751 approved-no I applied later) my friend Boston February 2020(I-751 pending-not actually sure about the 90 days) i heard Boston is also doing same day oath btw. I have no clue why we’re still pending. Boston and Lawrence are usually quick
  7. Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Your story is touching and inspiring. You must be a great person because no matter how life was tough on you still you never lost hope and you took the right path and here you are today advocating for others and supporting good causes. God bless you.
  8. I applied in March 2020 and it’s still pending. I uploaded 3 years IRS Tax transcripts, spouse birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, quarterly bank statements, joint health insurance, green card copy. I didn’t upload additional marriage evidence but I’ll bring everything with me to the interview to be prepared. My I-751 was already approved btw.
  9. Alright but why don’t we apply this on everyone in the country then? It doesn’t bother you that a US citizen by birth gets benefits but it does if it’s a an immigrant that also pays taxes, maybe work harder or contribute to this country more than anyone else? Or let’s just deprive immigrant from those benefits because they’re weak and most of them cheer to any law? Again I don’t want immigrants coming here just for the benefits but enforcing this law that strictly will deter people from singing the I-864 which means less legal immigrants more illegals
  10. A 5 years old knows that by signing a Contract you have to apply it’s term so I don’t know why more than 5 people have been repeating this all day. Are we in school? Do I look like I’m wanted or that I’m breaking the laws daily? Or it’s just showing off that you know how to make a sentence with legal terms? I decide what I think it’s moral or not and I have the right to express how I feel about someones statement. For me cheering for a feature that will make immigrants life more difficult just because it doesn’t affect your own affairs is immoral and also selfish. If People didn’t speak up and complained about laws we would be living in a dictatorships right now. Laws are made to be modified and updated but it takes some brave people to speak up not people that knows how to make a sentence but bow their head for any law because it’s the Law. I Respect the laws of the United states but I will also speak up if something sound unjust to me! Do you know why this law was never enforced for decades by both parties because they know it’s brutal, just for your information this will be the biggest hit legal immigration gets in decades. You guys maybe don’t realize yet how big that is. Wait and see the people suffering and remember me!
  11. The easiest thing in life is to say that this is the law Take it or leave it. We wouldn’t have the freedom we have today if everyone just accepted the laws blindly. The Patriots are the ones that fought for justice and freedom. Enforcing this law is separating loved ones and families from each others simply based on your income. A US citizen deserves to petition his spouse or parents with no fear if they had a lot of money or not. I personally don’t care about these “benefits” that I never collected even during the pandemic I chose to risk my life and do my essential duties and I’m still doing so. My problem is not the public means that I really don’t need but it’s how many people are going to be scared now to petition someone! And how much this country going to lose amazing immigrants. Life is about love and family not just money and taxes and it saddens me how many people are going be hurt by this and separated from their loved one. I personally don’t need a sponsor and I also don’t want to bring my parents here because they prefer their home country but Thanks God my mind is so clear that I spoke up against this! I can go to bed relaxed with a big smile on my face. The power of love is amazing. Especially loving someone you don’t know. Try it!
  12. This new feature targets legal immigration If you agree or not this what history will tell. You and many others are cheering for this all day long. I asked a psychologist how’s this possible that somebody is cheering for a slap in their face. She thinks it’s because some immigrants come here and because they have Had a bad experience in their home country they may unintentionally don’t want anyone else to come here and ruin their New experience. Therefore I have a better understanding for this strange phenomenon.
  13. We don’t want to go back to Where I came from because this country need us the immigrants. Who kept the US running during the pandemic? Essential workers right? A lot of the nurses, restaurant workers, the people that pick up your trash, transporters, truck drivers... are immigrants. Without them the economy would have collapsed.
  14. Of course, tons of US citizens are on disability for fake reasons or on unemployment but working under the table... in addition to the healthcare system corruption... but they can only target the weak communities.
  15. Of course you’re right. It’s like you pay an insurance premium but if an accident happens the insurance company won’t cover you.
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