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  1. We set to get married this coming 2nd week of September (been here for 1week now) when suddenly my boyfriend decided not to with the famous line " it's not you it's me" ....... i already in the USA and give up everything for him... now I'll going back to Manila from scratch.... what hat a journey it has been.......
  2. Hi all, will be in JFK terminal 1 via PAL. Is wifi available in airport? I'm worried because of not sure how to contact him once I'm inside the terminal... please advice. thank you!!!
  3. Hi! Does its OK to bring Laptop? my flight is on August 19.. and also planning to bring some dried mangoes =) Thanks!
  4. Do you have any sea of how long would it take to received the passport?
  5. Same as mine last Friday, does it means that we are just waiting for the passport with visa approved?
  6. CEAC status from Administrative Processing Yesterday to ISSUED!!!!!
  7. I hope that's the case. As of now I'm not sure if it's denied or approved... hoping for a positive response.
  8. Interviewed last June 21 but on hold due to 221(g) issue, which I have submmitted (NBI Clearance) last June 30.
  9. Waiting for VISA upon checking on ceac website this message appear... does anyone knows what it means? Your case is open. Please check your status after two business days via the CEAC launch page at https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/. Thank!
  10. HI All, I was InterviewedLast June 21 here in Manila, Philippines. the Consul told me that my Application is on hold because of the Section 221 (g) they have noticed that my Birthcertificate has reflectiing a 2 names Joe (wrong spelling which I corrected to Joi 10 yrs ago and this is the name that I used in all my documents) they requested me to get a NBI Clearance under the Joe name. I got request and send them the Clearance last July 5. as per CEAC website the last update is July 6. I am worried now since I am not sure if my application is Approved or not... does anyone here have same case like mine? Thank you.