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  1. Wants a car, doesn't have a license and has never driven??!! Your wife is delusional. If I were you, I'd play nice and convince her to fly home for vacation and never let her back. JFC this woman has some grand plans that could ruin your life. And i say this as a woman.
  2. I remember your post @NoMansLand2020 about tampo. Your wife has been showing serious red flags before. I hated how in that thread people merely think tampo is just some cultural difference. That's classic manipulation tactic. Let's not be naive here. Looking at your recent replies you seem to be leaning on the nuclear option. I'd even recommend going to the police station and filing a report about that incident in the car. She put yours and the kids' lives in danger.
  3. This is what my dad did for my grandmother who was born during WW2. The churches thankfully had good record keeping system and govt agencies honor the baptismal cert alongside the PSA letter starting no birth record exists.
  4. Hi. I submitted my N-400 online last Sept 29 based off on the 3 Year rule (entered the US Oct 2017 via K1). Sept 29, 2021 - Filed Online, Receipt Notice, Biometrics Reuse. Nov 8, 2021 - Interview Scheduled Dec 14, 2021 - Interview and Oath taking (received my Naturalization certificate the same day)
  5. There doesn't some to be any rhyme or reason to it. At least not in my case. Upon submitting mine the estimated time was 14 mos which went down to 7 mos a day after. Then after receiving an interview notice it was 9 mos. I became a naturalized citizen in less than 3 most.
  6. Congrats 🎉 The N-400 is the easiest step of all. I applied last year September 29 and had my interview and oath taking December 14. I became a citizen in 2 months and 16 days. The journey is not quite over yet. I have applied for my US passport, won't get it until March. I still need to adjust my status with SSA. I have applied for a passport card (only $30) so I can mail it to SSA instead of my Naturalization certificate (thing costs $600).
  7. I was never asked to show my vax card but the USCIS office was very strict on masks.
  8. When you go to the history does it ever show that they sent you an interview notice? I tried logging on my USCIS account to see how you can navigate within the page but I cannot log in, it says page blocked. Sorry I'm not much help but I am curious. Edit: found this on Reddit;
  9. I believe you should be able to update it during the interview. I'm not 100% positive though. There was an error on my employment date which I didn't even realize until the IO asked about it. I saw her enter the information/correction in her computer.
  10. I meant I was confident my evidence (marriage cert, tax transcript, joint credit and savings) were sufficient.
  11. I didn't. I actually got added really late as my husband's beneficiary on his pension and we received the docs after I submitted my N400 application. I thought about adding it on the USCIS website, it does allow it but I decided against it. I was confident my evidence (marriage cert, tax transcript, joint credit and savings). the IO asked if I travelled out of the country since submitting application and if I wanted to update my name.
  12. I will bring everything you submitted in your application including the other evidence docs. In my interview though, I was only asked for my Green card and my N400 NOA.
  13. Manipulative is a better word. Tampo is basically emotional blackmail.
  14. In cultures where enmeshment is normalized, you can expect people to label awful behaviors as a cultural thing. I think it's because a lot of people just refuse to be adults and I'm saying this as a Filipina.
  15. A bunch of people here have mentioned "tampo". I am Filipina and tampo is sulking, plain and simple. Don't let Google fool you that it's some sort of unique behavior observed in Filipinos. Anyone who shows this behavior obviously lacks maturity.
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