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  1. I should add though that most people don't "chill out" until they have the actual visa in hand. Anything can still happen after the visa issuance, like it gets lost in the mail, it has the wrong info on it etc. But at least it's issued by then, so that's always something.
  2. She told you she will be back and I somehow doubt you can keep her out of the house since she's still your wife, it's her home too. Not sure if this differs from state to state though? If she does come back you should think about moving in somewhere else temporarily as you do not want to be alone with her, not even for a minute.
  3. And I wonder why they schedule interviews before even having the file on hand.
  4. It's perfectly fine to apply for jobs whenever you want, you can start applying early on. Many get job offers still being months away from getting their EAD approved, and they use the job offer to expedite their EAD processing.
  5. I had this happen with my State ID card. It showed up on myUSPS but nothing was delivered that day, I thought someone had stolen it. We went to our local PO to ask them about it and they told us the system is still just a "test" and doesn't always work the way it's supposed to. So they suggested waiting for a couple of days and then come back to them again in case we still hadn't received it. The card showed up the day after.
  6. I too was thinking that maybe it differs depending on what country the foreign license is from.. but then again, it would be very strange if South African licenses are fine but Swedish aren't? You even drive on the wrong side of the road down there!
  7. Who knows these days, everything is so confusing. Also I didn't even get a vision test. Aren't you supposed to get those at the time of your written test?
  8. That is for after you have taken your road test and passed, you get a temporary "paper license" like the one in the pic and it's valid for 90 days. You should receive your real license in the mail sometime during those 90 days.
  9. Forgot to update. I took the written test, passed all questions. And I can confrm you don't get a provisional license despite having a valid foreign license. I specifically asked about it, you only get a regular learner's permit. I will hopefully take the road test soon!
  10. He/she said that the guy was on drugs and he stole money, most likely to buy more drugs. If he could get money for passport and greencard I bet he'd sell those too.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if he got some money for the passport and greencard on the black market.
  12. In another thread you write this "We filed in October 2015, interview in November 2016, and still no word." That means you must've married in October 2015 at the latest, so you have been married for 2 years now. That means you will automatically receive a 10 year greencard instead of the 2 year one, you can then skip the ROC.
  13. It's not the first time I see that someone gets an RFE after sending a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Not only should you never send originals or certified copies unless asked for it, it almost seems as if they actually prefer photocopies which is kind of funny. Sorry that you got an RFE for that. Them asking for proof of bonafide relationship probably means that they are about to waive your interview, so when sending you an RFE anyway they ask for a little extra to make it easier for them to make a decision without interviewing you (it's a 50-50 chance to get an interview when you arrive on a K-1). Yes, add the 2016 taxes, that is also good proof of bonafide relationship as you filed together as married.
  14. Your signature says that you received your greencard in 2014, so what do you need the medical for?