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  1. Hello VJ!!!!!!! Question: our interview was approved on Friday at the embassy. Now I am a bit unclear about whether we receive an email from DHL to say our Visa is available for pick-up...? Also, our case on the CEAC website just went to Issued today. When can I expect to hear something and how will I hear about it?
  2. How do I put the browser on privacy mode?
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I am oddly and obsessively browsing through Google Flights to see how much flights are about 10 days from today...as an example of the price range we may be looking at..?
  4. Hey everyone, Interview date: October 13th. Looks like it typically takes between 7-10 days for Visa to arrive via DHL if it is approved I was *ideally* hoping to make it home before November---so, do you all think it is possible if our Visa got to us on October 20th or something (ideally)- would we be able to find a plane ticket that would not cost like more than 600$ one way. I talked to someone who found a one-way flight for about $400 just a few days after Visa was in hand. Ahhh, what do you all think?
  5. People with K1 Visas can buy one way tickets into the US, right?
  6. Hey, peeps, Our interview is October 13th- and I was just talking to a friend who did the K1 Visa a long time ago. She was just emphasizing to me in our phone call that the K1 Visa is not a guarantee- that we could get told No. I started crying on the phone..and the comment really made me feel down. I wonder if there's a percentage chance our Visa will be accepted- and what percent possibility it could get rejected.
  7. Morning! Our interview is scheduled for October 13th! We are trying to decide if we can buy tickets before the interview for October 24th! What do you guys think? I really want to hear the word "yes"
  8. Dear April peeps, Our case arrived at the embassy yesterday and on the NVC website it said Ready.. I went ahead and submitted our DS160 and emailed the embassy. Another K1 Peruvian filer told me it might take a couple days for them to respond to the email. I hope they respond!!
  9. Hey! What time do you think they sent it? Like was it in the afternoon or evening?
  10. Thank you!!! That was so helpful- I love this forum. Haha-- it's just so informative. Thank you, @Tatiana&D.S.
  11. Hey friends, My case arrived at the NVC on Thursday- and then I got my case number on Friday. I'm checking the case, and it says it is still "At NVC" Is it possible there's a technical glitch and they actually did send our case, but the website isn't showing that? Or is this the normal amount of time to wait for the case to say "Ready"... Thanks
  12. Thank you!! This made me feel better
  13. Good morning, guys, Sorry I'm freaking out because right now I have a good internet connection- but every time I go to try to fill out the DS160 it times me out after the first page!! I'm worried that Monday my case will say "Ready" and the webpage still won't have let me fill out the application!
  14. Could you or anyone else go to the DS160 website and just check if it's possible to Start a New Application-- or is it just my computer...?
  15. Hey! Yeah! The DS160 form isn't loading either...I want to "Start a new Application" and it's not letting me...