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  1. Perfect. I figured it'd be something like that. Thank you!
  2. Did your status ever change online? I know you guys had your interview in Detroit, too. We had ours on the 27th and nothing has happened with the case status despite us being told we were approved and should revive the card soon.
  3. Glad to find another GR couple ourselves! Congrats on your approval. The process was a breeze compared to everything else we've been through.
  4. We had our interview today in Detroit. Just wanted to share our experience. We arrived about 25 minutes early. After we went through security and reception, we were told to sit in the waiting room where my name would be called. The appointment was at 13:10. We were called at about 12:55. I'm assuming we were in the system as "arrived" or something since we were called early. We literally walked in, took an oath to tell the truth, verified our names, address and birthday and left. Our application had apparently already been approved. The woman explained that they used to be able to waive the interviews, which we knew, but now they are required to see everyone face to face. Even if there is no real reason. We were back on the road at 13:07. She told us that my green card would arrive in 2 weeks and to please keep our address updated in the system for when we have to file the i-751. Simple as that!
  5. Your letter and your card presented in combination with each other are what you use for advanced parole then. You must have those two when you renter until you get your green card.
  6. I compiled it exactly as the guide instructed and had no trouble at all. http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide
  7. Is there not anything at the bottom that says it's a combo card?
  8. Mine weren't gotten around to until two days past the date they said they'd answer by. I'm guessing you're pretty close to getting them assigned.
  9. Two things. 1) It would not slow down your process, if anything you would just be denied the expedite and return to normal processing time. 2) If your wife is unable to work and generate income, this is a serious financial loss on your part. If she is on maternity leave and is still generating the same income, they might ask for further proof, but it doesn't hurt to call and discuss this with someone. If you need to, demand to speak to a tier 2 person.
  10. Are you the same person that was in this forum earlier that was trying to expedite? Having a baby is cause for an approved expedite, no question! Call customer service and get that show on the road!
  11. Mine took one day outside of the time they told me it would be responded to. It doesn't seem like there is one definitive answer for that question unfortunately. It seems to be more like when they can get to it.
  12. Unfortunately, you're a victim of the waiting game that we're all playing. I looked at your timeline and you should be close! You're doing the right thing by being as oroactive as possible. Hang in there!
  13. You will receive the response in your mailbox probably early next week or this weekend. Most likely your case will be under review given what day you're on. A lot of cases in here who had their cases go under review in response to their service request received their EAD notices a week or so later. Just hold tight. Good luck!
  14. This is the best advice. Doing everything you can without shame and just being diligent with follow ups and service requests is all you can do. My first SR (placed on day 90) was assigned and responded to with a letter in the mail a week later saying my case was under review. I put another online service request in as soon as i received it. A week after SR1 and four days after SR2 I got the update.