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    I751 filed with LIN on 11-Feb-2019.
    Fingerprint submitted on 03-Sep-2019
    Fingerprint review completed on 04-Sep-2019
    Approved on 20-Dec-2019
    Card mailed on 26-Dec-2019
    N-400 Filed and Receipt for 01-Sep-2020
    Biometric Reuse notice on 30-Dec-2020
    Interview Scheduled notice on 8-Apr-2021
    Interview on 11-May-2021
    Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled notice on 11-May-2021
    Oath Ceremony letter sent on 24-May-2021
    Oath Ceremony scheduled for 15-June-2021
    Naturalized on 15-June-2021
    Submitted passport application via USPS on 15-June-2021
    Expedited passport book and card application received by DOS on 22-June-2021with expedited shipping
    Passport application approved on 21-July-2021
    Passport book expedited shipping on 21-July-2021
    Passport book arrived on 24-July-2021
    Passport card arrived on 26-July-2021
    Currently waiting on NC returned from DOS to arrive

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  1. Although, I think you will need the original letter when you go the interview.
  2. Received my passport book on July 24. Received my passport card on July 26. Currently waiting for my NC to come back from DOS.
  3. This is the last process for me. I hadn’t really cared to do so as it was just a writing on the card and I could show my passport to show I was a citizen. However, my wife enlightened me that if something should happen, you won’t be able to claim Social Security benefits. So, as soon as I receive my passport card, that is my next and final step.
  4. Oh wow! That’s wonderful news. I hope this goes through and everything works out. I feel relieved for you.
  5. I went to USPS the same day as my oath ceremony and 7 days later on June 22, I got a notice that my application was received. Exactly a month after, I got an email today stating that my application was approved. And another email immediately after that with the shipping info.
  6. Maybe this exposure by WSJ will get them into gear https://www.wsj.com/articles/passport-renewal-delays-expired-11626144394
  7. So was mine - very frustrating. I had to ask her several times to please not discuss my case to anyone.
  8. Thanks. I just called and was told the same thing. Basically I need to bring my new passport with me to one of the enrollment center. Mod: I guess you can close this thread as answered.
  9. Not sure if this covers the topic I'm asking for: https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1265?language=en_US I'll just have to wait and visit after I get my passport.
  10. I have Global Entry / Trusted Traveler Program membership that I signed up when I still had my PRC. In my TTP dashboard (https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/dashboard) I have the ability to update my passport and my PRC. However, those only allows me to update the number and expiration info and the passport section doesn't allow me to add a new passport or change the nationality. Anyone have any idea how to update my information?
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