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  1. Hey Sorry for the late response. I used a law firm from Ny who came to San Antonio to represent me. As I filled my case in NY.
  2. On 10th notification via text & online status . approval letter on 13th GC in hand on 18 th . My interview was on 2/3/ 2020 . I was at the edge especially since San Antonio online everyone got updates same day. Mine was approved in 5 weeks.
  3. @robrobsen mine is Family based AOS , we got approved on 3/10/20 . What is your local office ? Mine San Antonio Texas.
  4. Hello All My journey started in 2019 FEB . I have been married USC for 2 and half years now. We applied for AOS in 2019 feb. Husband and I lived apart for two years .I was in NY husband in San Antonio.He was looking for a job to relocate to NY. We decided that I would move to Sa
  5. Hello All We filled for AOS in NY on 2019 we had our first interview in NY on June 2019 . Then we moved to San Antonio. Case transfer to San Antonio. We were scheduled another first interview on feb 3 2020. IO said all looks good and she would recommend our case to her supervisor. We have not heard anything as yet. Can any one pls tell me what could be the delay!! Does it have to do with benefit Centers being different or something is wrong . I am so worried .
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