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  1. There is no one who can tell you if it is enough. The CO makes the public charge determination based on the total circumstances. You very well may be just fine. But if you are worried get a joint sponsor, have the assets to make up the difference, or get a second job to make a little more money. Like I said, you may very well be fine. No one can know for sure.
  2. What they are trying to tell you is that it is up to the individual CO to make the determination if you make enough to avoid the public charge issue. And they take in the total circumstances. That is why the mentioned things like him being able to get a job might help show he won't become a public charge. I will tell you what I did. I was cutting it close to and I didn't have a joint sponsor and didn't want to take any chances. So I took a second job. It wasn't easy. But by the time of the interview I had worked two jobs for well over a year and was able to provide tax returns that showed I was well over 125% of the poverty line. Now you may be just fine with your income. No one can tell you for sure. But if you are worried and you can't get a joint sponsor - just get a second job.
  3. When we went through the process a few years ago I knew I was the one in charge of the petition so I was on here asking questions and will be forever grateful to all that helped me. But my husband was just as informed as I was. He read on the site and we discussed everything together which I think is the way it should be. I don't think he ever posted on here but if he had a question he just researched it himself and then we talked about it. But in our situation I knew the petition part was all me and the embassy part was all him. And that worked for us. I guess it comes down to what works best for the individual couple.
  4. Most times when you rent a room you don't sign a lease. At least I never have. And I've done it a few times and they have always provided electric, water, internet, and cable. Not saying everyone will but that has been my experience.
  5. congratulaions on  finally getting this far

    we did the online in September and i have tried to change our immigration status to naturalization pending but 

    how do you do this?

    can't see how on editing my timeline


    1. Oliversmom


      Hi Jeanne.  I just pushed the "edit profile" button on my profile page and then just changed to naturalization pending.  We sent bank statements, car titles in both our names, insurance in both our names and a rental letter from our landlord as we don't have a lease and tax transcripts.  Hope it is enough.  It was funny that we ended up with a day off together to file it.  The night before I started trying to pass a kidney stone and was in so much pain Saturday I asked him to stay home from work.  He did and when I started feeling better we filed the papers.  We never get a day off together.  He is off on Wednesday and Thursday and I am off on Saturday and Sunday.  We were talking about how much time has passed for us.  We started talking in 2011.  We got married in 2013.  He was here in 2015 and now it is Citizenship time.  It has been quite a journey but so worth it and we are really happy.  I hope Adil gets his Citizenship too.  You guys have REALLY had a LONG LONG journey!  Congratulations!

    2. adil-rafa


      Yes,  long as we met  in 2008  and married 2010

      but i  hit edit and the drop down area  that comes up only allows for types of visas

      He did his biometrics already and just wait now for interview

      i am so tired of this hurry up and wait

      when this naturalization comes  thru,   i am burning everything related to immigration  and it will be a big bonfire

  6. Just filed my husband's N400 today - February 9, 2019. We filed online and filed under the 3 year rule and sent lots of evidence. I believe our local office will be West Palm Beach. How do I find out their current wait times?
  7. Hi. It is finally time in our journey and we just finished filing the N400 online. What a pain LOL. Anyway, I expect we will hear back from them with a case number and then nothing for several months or longer? We filed under the 3 year rule and provided lots of evidence.
  8. When you go for the trip to get married plan to stay as long as you can. I know most people get in done in about a month and some have done it much faster. But my husband is from a small village and the Judge there did NOT want us to get married. He gave us all kinds of hassles and it ended up the only way we were able to get married was to give him some money. The Judge thought my husband should marry a Moroccan woman and not me. So I stayed three months and it took almost the whole time to get married. If your husband is from a city or area that is used to this you should be fine. But I just wanted to throw this out there so you could be prepared.
  9. Yes carmel34 is right - it is difficult to get a visa from Morocco. But it can be done. I had multiple visits with my husband and even stayed 3 months one time. When we filed the petition we frontloaded with lots of evidence. My husband said the interview was very difficult but he was approved. Now we are getting ready to apply for citizenship. So just take it slow. Get to know your boyfriend by spending as much time together as possible. Then you have to decide between k1 or Cr1. Like I said earlier, I recommend the Cr1 but the decision is yours. I'm happy to give you any information I can. Enjoy your trip to Morocco!
  10. Hi. For the K1, when he comes to the US and you get married you will still need the higher amount of income for the AOS. I would personally recommend the Cr1. That is what my husband and I chose. But we had several visits before we married and filed which I believe is important for Casa. Also, with the Cr1 your husband will be able to work and travel right away after arriving in the US. Working was important to my husband. He also wanted to be sure he could travel home right away in case of any emergencies. Whatever, you choose I wish you luck. Getting married in Morocco is a process in itself. And have fun on your upcoming trip to Morocco. I can still remember my first trip there and how exciting it was. Take your time and get to know each other and enjoy your visit without stressing over immigration stuff.
  11. what I did was get a second job. It was hard to work two jobs but I wanted to have my husband here with me. With two jobs I made way over what I needed and now he is here with me. That is something you can try.
  12. Ours was a few years ago but we didn't have any financial documents or both our names on anything. We had multiple visits for lengthy amounts of time. I sent boarding passes, passport stamps and pictures. We didn't have any affidavits from friends or family. He got through the interview just fine and has been here for over three years now. I'm sure it is better to have those financial documents but if you don't have them it does not make your case impossible. We also sent samplings of emails, chats, and I sent logs of our phone calls. Morocco is tough and my husband said it was definitely a difficult interview. I wish you all the best of luck.
  13. Oliversmom

    Sponsoring a spouse

    Take a second job. That's what I did. If you don't have anyone to be a joint sponsor you will have to make enough before he can be approved for a visa.
  14. Hi. I'm wondering if you could help me with something. I have stopped posting because every time someone replies to a post I reply to I get an email. I'm sure I probably did something wrong when I was registering or something but I don't know if there is a way to turn off this feature. Thanks.