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  1. I forgot to add - if you decide to get married in Morocco there are documents you will need to bring with you. Have her ask her local court what they require. I had to bring birth certificate, divorce certificate, a police clearance letter from my local police, and a letter from my employer stating that I was employed and how much I make. Then when we got there I had to go to US Embassy and get a document that I was free to marry. And I had to get a police clearance. And we had to get medical reports and blood tests. And it can take a long time to get married. Mine was unusually long because the Judge didn't want to sign the papers. But you should give yourself at least two or three weeks to get through the process. And whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck.
  2. You can marry in any country as long as the marriage is legal - then you can file I30. Morocco does like to see the traditional wedding ceremony. We didn't have one and the CO gave my husband a REALLY hard time about it asking him over and over to explain why. But they approved him anyway. Also, something to think about if you get married in Morocco. I don't know either of your religions and it is not my business. But a Muslim woman can not marry a non-Muslim man. You both may be Muslim or you both may be another religion or no religion. But just something to think about if this applies to you. As far as protecting yourself - just spend as much time as you can together. Have regular days together - not just vacation days. One time I spent three months with my husband and during that time we had a lot of issues come up including a health problem and issues we did not agree on. And I really got to see how he handled himself during difficult times. It just made me realize this was definitely the man for me. And definitely watch for red flags. But don't let others scare you about using you for a green card. Yes that does happen and you have to be careful. But just get to know her and trust your instincts.
  3. After the two of you are married you can file at any time. However, for Morocco it is better to have a few visits in before you file. Being divorced will not slow down your process. I haven't been following the timelines but I believe it is somewhere about 12-18 months to get your visa if you are approved and if you are not put into lengthy AP. When you do file your petition make sure your frontload it. It is necessary for Morocco. That means put all your relationship evidence with your petition. I sent photos, passport stamps and boarding passes, phone records and a small sampling of chat logs. There are other things you can do that I didn't do but other people have. For example, you can name her as beneficiary on your life insurance policy, write a will naming her as beneficiary. Good luck. Are you planning on getting married in Morocco or in another country? If in Morocco there are certain documents you will need in order to accomplish this.
  4. Get 2 jobs. That is what I did. I had a job but it was too close to the limits for me to be comfortable about it. So I got a second job. I worked 7 days a week and I believe about 68-70 hours a week. It was hard but I was able to save some money and I qualified to sponsor my husband. It can be done.
  5. I don't know how severe your mom's COPD is but I notice you said severe so that may mean she is on oxygen. But if it is not too bad and she can work she can get employer health insurance. I am 58 years old with asthma and COPD and I just got a new good paying full-time job so if she is able to work and has marketable skills that may help overcome the public charge concern. I wish her well. COPD sucks but if it hasn't advanced too far you can live a pretty normal life with it with some restrictions. I can't run. If I do I have trouble breathing. I can't move real fast or do hard exercise. But I can go for walks and do light exercise. And I can do my job.
  6. 100% agree. I am always saying SURE those people just suddenly came through and had a sudden change of circumstances. Like you said - they didn't have a life to go back and settle? No of course not - because they already did that before they came over knowing they were going to stay. Really hope the ability to AOS from tourist visa/ESTA goes away.
  7. Not true. But every entry is at the discretion of CBP. So she should always bring proof of her strong ties to home in case she needs them. I have read many people on here visiting with no issues. However, she should be careful that she not visit for too often or stay too long. I am only telling you what I have read from other on here. I am sure others will come along with more information. Good luck with your K1!
  8. They do care about current income and she can try bringing in pay stubs and employment letter. But with it being a very new job they may or may not accept it. They look at the totality of the circumstances to determine if you may become a public charge. It is probably a good idea to have a Joint Sponsor just in case. I am sure others will come along to add more to this. I forgot to ask where you are in the process. If you have just filed she has plenty of time to work and get more pay stubs. Of course she had a low income last year so they may factor that it.
  9. What evidence did you use to show evidence of bona fide marriage? Did you get the NOIR yet which will list exactly why you were revoked?
  10. I too favor the spouse visa for the same reasons. My husband came on the spouse visa because he wanted to be able to work right away. And he wanted to know if there was an emergency with his family he would be able to travel right away. It does sound like since your daughter will have it new baby then he will want to work right away to support them. Also if he comes on fiancé visa they will have to apply for AOS which I believe is around $1,225 - not sure if that is the exact amount. But I have read many posts on here where the USC can't apply for AOS due to finances and the fiancé is stuck here unable to work and unable to travel and in some states unable to drive. It is a personal decision that they will have to make but that is my opinion.
  11. $90 above the guidelines may not be enough. They look at the totality of your circumstances to see if you are at risk of being a public charge. When I sponsored my husband I was a few hundred over but decided to work a second job and make a few thousand over. Your wife should look at getting a better job and/or a second job. Or find a qualified joint sponsor. You might get by being barely over - but you might not. And also beg and/or borrow but get those papers filed. As it is you are in risk of deportation.
  12. If you don't have a joint sponsor you are going to have to go back and get a job that meets the income requirements. Do what I did - get 2 jobs. It is not exactly fun but you do what you have to do to be together in the long run. Being separated is hard. I remember it vividly. But you are looking at the rest of your life. You get a job or 2 if needed. Get set up for a place for you both to live. And then sponsor her for the Cr1 visa.
  13. We chose Cr1 because it was important to my husband to be able to work right away. On the K1 visa you have to get married and then apply for AOS and EAD which can take around 6 months. So that is one thing to consider. Also, as others have mentioned, you will need to be able to financially sponsor him. Work you do in Pakistan won't count unless that same source of income will continue when you move to the US. You can overcome this by having a qualified Joint Sponsor. You can also use assets. If you don't have this then you will have to move back ahead of him and get a job that will sponsor him. Domicile is an issue I know nothing about so I can't really help you there. But I think you can establish domicile without actually moving back. If you can satisfy both sponsorship and domicile without moving back then you are fine to stay with him until he gets the visa - either visa.
  14. Definitely risky. Many many have posted on here about being denied after having a non-legal ceremony in their country. But you know the risks so the decision is yours.
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