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  1. Could you provide your timeline, please? Any RFEs? Thank you.
  2. I understand that. My concern is that is difficult to determine what exactly is considered the common law marriage. we do not file tax returns together, and do not list each other on insurance policies as “husband and wife” and do not introduce each other as spouses to witnesses , which should be enough to prove that we are not “married” I have been thinking about going to the notary and filing a statement together with my boyfriend that would say that we do not consider each other spouses and are not planning on spending our lives together as of now.
  3. I have a concern. I know that re-marrying while vawa is pending revokes the application automatically. My concern is that I live in a state that accepts common law marriage, which basically refers to living together and “acting as a husband and wife”. I am now concerned as I have been living with my current partner for a while and we are planning on getting married (by obtaining a marriage license) once my Vawa is approved. The common law marriage laws are flawed and usually the only way to determine if you can be considered married or not in my state is going to court. I did not about this provision prior to moving to this state and would not want my Vawa cancelled because of a flawed medieval-time law. Clearly, immigration has no idea if I act “like husband and wife” with my partner at this moment, but I am worried that it might be brought up at some point. Does anyone know anything about situations when VAWA has been revoked based on the common law marriage? Any insight would be highly appreciated.
  4. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just a quick question, how long does it take to receive a decision after submitting an RFE response nowadays? Does it somewhat depend on how long your case has been pending? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the update, great news! I wish I received my EAD later it’s for 1 year only..
  6. I am sorry to hear that. Well, luckily annulment is extremely hard to prove. Unless he wants to throw himself under the bus too. I feel like your ex will ditch as soon as they realize that they cannot prove anything. As of now, all it proofs is that your ex is a psycho and is trying to continue the abuse by messing with your immigration. Hoping for the best 🙏🏻
  7. I have not got my case approved. I have recently responded to the RFE and waiting for their response. My lawyer says that usually it takes 1-2 months, but now might be way longer.
  8. Hey, I am afraid I can’t answer all your questions, but I will try to help 1. it simply means that USCIS is reviewing your application. Based on your timeline, it might take some descent time until they issue any type of decision. They should keep updating your PFs until they reach the decision on your case. My initial status stated something along the lines with “we have waived the fees..” and then I have got an RFE like 18,5 mo later. 2. unfortunately, there are a lot of delays in regard to EAD applications. Check the processing times, that will give you some estimate. Certain people are waiting for 5 mo, while the others take longer. I got mine approved after submitting an inquiry, but I am not sure if it was a coincidence, or whether they really taken that into consideration. Maybe the other forum members will be able to give you more info on what to do in your case. 3. Sorry, I can’t help you with this one.. Giving along all of this inquires i also have annulment from my abusive spouse pending (based on marriage fraud) i sent counterclaim to my ex but he still has not responded to yet over 2 months. just out of curiosity, what’s up with the annulment thing? I have never heard about anything like that.
  9. I have heard back from my lawyer and they have said, that PR often requires AP and etc. due to the fact that your plane has a high chance to land outside of the US (hurricanes and other emergencies) + they often face illegal immigration issues, while Hawaii is in the middle of the ocean and there’s simply nowhere to land in between, so they do not check anything. basically the chances of you getting checked on the way back from Hawaii are the same, as if you were flying back from Florida or Cali etc. No AP is required.
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