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    My love story, I met my now husband through social media in 2007, MySpace. Idk how he found me. We became friends, we hat online eventually everyday. We became very close. We talked about life, current situations, our goals for future, and of course my relationships. I was dating for about the first two years of our friendship. Prince was always a gentleman, listened to me when I needed to vent about my boyfriend's, school, work everything. Prince had every once in a while express his interest and love for me but I always ignored, those moments as I was young, didn't believe in international relationships and so forth. Time past, life moved on. We never lost contact, he would be at cafe very early in mornings, I stayed awake all hours of the night just talking to him. Emotions grew. Eventually I said yes to trying this dating thing with him. By this time I was in love with him, but the distance scared me, but what scared me more was losing him to another woman. Just as I had been dateing he had the occasional girlfriend. Took years for us to meet in person I was scared to travel across seas alone, as well financial cost was hard with me being in school full-time and working a small part time job. I wanted my family to meet him as well before I traveled so I told him he had to come here first. That's when we tried for fiance visa in 2011/2012. But it didn't go through cause we hadn't met in person. This broke my heart oh so much, as well as my family cause they were excited to meet him. Through all the years they had some communication with him and knowledge of him. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore, I had to see the love of my life. I had to touch him. I went to Ghana in April of 2012. I wanted to be there to celebrate his bday the 19th of that month. I arrived in Ghana there was no fear, nervousness, i couldn't believe I was finally standing on same ground as he. I stayed for a little over two weeks, we traveled, I met family, and friends, we partied. Enjoyed ourselves. I had it for this guy so bad that I missed him sooooooo much and he was only laying next to me sleeping. The day before I came home Prince proposed to me. We were packing my things and getting dressed in Accra at the time and he takes my hand and asked me to marry him. He had asked several times before but never in person and with a ring. I said yes.. I came home continued work the visa got declined, we had some arguments, some about my moving to GH and others about my attitude. eventually broke it February 2013. My heart shattered, I was really clueless as to what happened, but truth came to light and from what I understood his family did not accept our being together. I moved on as hard as it was. Didn't talk for a couple months, then we started back a simple friends. We both pursued other relationships but didn't work out. In August of 2014 Prince proposed again, he talked to my mom and oldest sister, apologized for what had happened and asked for their permission to marry. Via phone. I said yes. Because I had seen a great change in him. In March 2015 I traveled to Ghana to see Prince graduate. We prepared to get married but I still want sure cause I wanted to do with my family back in the States. But once I was there I didn't see reason to wait. I had waited long enough. Now it's been over a year since I seen my husband, I miss him so much, even the distance brings great stress on the relationship but we are stronger then ever before. I'm patiently anxiously waiting for my husband so we can start our lives together.

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