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  1. We weren't clear on the distinction between regular and emergency medicaid -- if we could take emergency medicaid without violating our agreement then we would probably do that and keep her normal insurance, provided that wouldn't "void" our eligibility for emergency medicaid. We are sure that we are eligible for regular medicaid though. I will check through her school but because she goes to community college right now I doubt it. I have excellent health insurance through my employer but unfortunately, in a great injustice it does not cover any of my dependents... This was very helpful info though, thank you. Apologies for my defensive tone earlier. We will probably end up contacting a lawyer soon and evaluating our options from there. Time is ticking down to the Nov 1 deadline, though!
  2. We qualify for medi-cal based on income -- we are living paycheck to paycheck right now. While I initially made the decision to pay for her insurance out-of-pocket that is no longer feasible for us. If I could make even the additional $300-500 a month to pay for higher quality insurance, believe me, I would. Unfortunately that is not an option because we are both in school and both working as much as we can right now. We have family who can help us with the child and his/her needs -- the issue isn't raising the child, it's paying for the cost of actually having the baby. We have considered many different options, including having a home birth via midwife and going to my wife's home country of Mexico to have the child. That being said, if we can get medi-cal without it violating the agreement I had signed earlier, that would be the best option for us and for our child by far. I have weighed the decision carefully and I am able to choose the right thing for myself and my family. Your response in no way helps answer my initial question -- all it does is judge a situation you have little knowledge about. Just because we cannot afford $7000+ out of pocket right this second does not mean we can't afford having a child in our current circumstances, nor would choosing to pay the additional $200/month for her insurance plus an additional $7000+ cost for our child's delivery in any way lower our future child-related costs.
  3. No one said that. She already has insurance but we could only afford insurance with a very high deductible -- if something horrible happened we would only have to pay $7,000 out of pocket, which would financially ruin us, but not as much as, say, $150,000. Thanks for the answers all! We will still probably end up asking a lawyer anyway as all the answers we've seen here and elsewhere have been conflicting.
  4. Hey all -- so I tried looking through the archives to answer this but I am a bit confused. My wife came in on a K1 visa and has since completed her adjustment of status. When we did the K1 process my father signed an affidavit of support because my income was just below the threshold. Obviously, circumstances have changed since them -- my household size has went from 2 to 3 even though my income now meets the original threshold for a 2 person household. We likely qualify for pregnancy care through California's medicaid program. Will taking this put me and my sponsor "on the hook" and violate what we signed in the affidavit of support? I have seen tons of different answers here so I am not really sure. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Ok, thank you. So if we don't have the tracking number there's nothing we can do?
  6. Hey all -- so I made a huge mistake and lost my tracking number when I sent in info for our RFE. The backstory is is that my wife came in on a K1 visa and we filed for the AOS. At the time of filing the AOS I only had 2 usable (above 125% poverty) tax returns, and was missing the 3rd for the income verification. At that time we thought it would be okay and we could send in the AOS package anyway; a month later we got an RFE on the form, but for something different. Because we wanted to proceed cautiously we decided to get a joint sponsor after fixing the correction. This took 60 days; our 90 day RFE period ends in 2 weeks. I sent in the documents a couple days before Christmas but my tracking number accidentally got thrown out. I keep checking the USCIS status website but nothing is updating; it still says the RFE was sent out in October. Is there anyone I can contact or be in touch with who can tell me if the additional evidence was received/is being reviewed? Thank you so much!
  7. Man, no kidding! Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much for finding that! I really hope that means we can file as K1....thank you again! I really appreciate all the help
  9. They didn't ask her much of anything, they just let her back in. She is not from VWP I don't think (Mexico)? Now I am really worried...it was a last minute plan and it seems we might have messed everything up Also they did notice the K1, we told the border agent we were married and just visiting for the day and he let us through.
  10. Yes we both went to Canada and we showed passports. I don't know if her i-94 is the same but the date of entry has changed, though the class of admission is still k1. Does that help?
  11. Hey all, So we made it! My fiancee was approved and came into the country in late May. We got married last week and briefly made a visit to Niagra Falls for less than a couple hours, not realizing she wasn't supposed to leave the country. We got back in without any hassle but now that we are about to file the AOS we were wondering if we accidentally jeopardized anything by leaving...please advise? Thank you so so much!