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  1. Never received the updated receipt but I do have the original extension letter they sent me 5 months ago
  2. Uscis website doesn't specifically mention the name of that document under the i9 form section but my extension letter does state that during this time it can be used a proof of work authorization along with my expired card. Also, they posted on the uscis website that the extension period is updated to 24 months now. Thanks
  3. Okay cool. Do they need all evidences again like photos etc?
  4. If you have only two years of joint taxes and the third was married filing separately is that still okay?
  5. Thanks but no one forced you to respond so you don't need to be rude
  6. 3 years mean 90 days before three years or exactly three years
  7. When do I become eligible for applying for n-400
  8. Yeah, money isn't a problem. You can always figure it out. I have a few people that I think are my friends but they refused to help me lol. But I have a friend who would have helped but she is travelling.
  9. Yeah, I spent $150. It don't drive that far appointment itself was just 10 minutes lol but I went there too early
  10. What can I take with me during the appointment? I am taking the uber as the asc is too far for me to drive. Would they let me bring my bag inside with me?
  11. my height is 5'6 and on my drivers license as well it is 5'6 but the last time at my doctors office the nurse's reading was 5'4. so I am confused which one should I write on my biometric form. Because I am gonna show them my drivers license as well
  12. No you can remove it if you want to. No one has the right to force you to wear it and vice versa. It's between you and your God.
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