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  1. IJN it will be the less one I will fall into........... This is na real whaoooo, so far is in line with me, wife and family, God dey.
  2. Congratulations................ Whaoo this interesting, mine is next week...
  3. I like to be sure, do we have anyone here that have done that and esp CR1.
  4. My question is, do we have to register before attending the interview?? Also, I thought you pick up at the designated location given to you by the CO for pickup..... I need to know so I won't miss anything. Get interview date do medicals and all needed attend the interview then pickup Is that the process or this dhl things and registering are needed before the interview.
  5. That's cool...... Thanks for the info. I will try and quickly go for mine. Please confirm if it's VI address he went to?
  6. Congrats, my question is that should i print out our whatsapp communication for the interview? becos we talk most time on whatsapp voice and that doesnt have records.
  7. No, Problem you can follow through that way too........... Or ask for contact and you will do it in Alagbon and get it same day.
  8. Please note that the only recognise Police report from Nigeria is Criminal Investigation Department Nigerian Police Force Alagbon Close Ikoyi, Lagos. I have seen cases delayed because the report was gotten from another Police HQ, let not make that mistake here. Thanks. See the link below for reference and guide towards your documentation https://photos.state.gov/libraries/nigeria/487468/pdfs/PACKET_4_2012.pdf Cheers.
  9. If you now live in Nigeria, You can do a police report at Alagbon for #10k and take it for the interview. It expires after 3month
  10. I do appreciate this quick response... Thank you. I will surely do the update when I do my interview in Nov.
  11. Hi Ebony, please I have interview date and I need answers for some questions, kindly assist 1. Am I going to pay any immigrant fee to the embassy before the interview or is it after?? 2. Is it compulsory to print all the chats on whatsapp as evidence of communication but we talk most time on phone and skype with my wife and kids 3. Should I expect any document from the embassy before the interview or just start preparing my original/photocopies for the interview?? Thank you .