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  1. I know is not easy, my mindset is it will definitely come .... I don't know what being fair means in this situation...
  2. it seems this interview is scheduled on random selection.... because priority date is 20/12/17 and cc. 22/8/18...no interview yet....
  3. happy New week everyone..... I bless this week to bring good news for all of us waiting for interview especially the overdue Lagos applicants. and to those that have interview scheduled this week I wish you success
  4. every case is different...mine is on its 4th month waiting and still waiting. some took less
  5. Congratulations.....did you contact the congressman before now ?
  6. one office might not be working on the world's immigration case...am happy for you i know two Nigerians that are in my center and same cc month still waiting like me. is unfortunate that even my antoney can't do much at this stage maybe we just wasted money hiring antoney 🙏
  7. our antoney said that new York is the slowest, making me believe that Nvc operates on different branches.
  8. is unfortunate for us still waiting but I think some service centers are faster than others not necessarily a skip. Am really watching out for new York service center they are really slow...anyone using same center ?
  9. you might be receiving your interview date soon. your embassy is different from mine. new York embassy seems to be the busiest.. P.D 20/12/17 and CC 22 /8/18 ....no interview yet and case at NVC
  10. Amen ooooo..... I pray they bring good news our way ....
  11. Wow...congratulations...i can see that Ghana is fast moving.... and Lagos is one month behind ...
  12. I had my lawyer called New York embassy they said our case is still on queue awaiting interview, lagos consulate are yet to provide interview date. C.c August and things still not looking good....i hope they are through with July? Otherwise 😠
  13. Congratulations.....when was your cc and which embassy is your case ?