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  1. Nope, I know how to read... in my instructions clearly stated 12 months.
  2. Sometimes even less than 12 months. I lived for 10 months in the Netherlands so I didn't bring that police certificate and they put my application on hold until I sent it to them as well.
  3. "Supporting documents" is pretty self explanatory. Do not panic and over react the their requirements, everything will be fine
  4. As it has been said, there's a high risk of failure trying to enter without a return ticket, the best option is to book a a flight with a flexible return. A lot of airlines are offering this option nowadays free of charge to encourage people to book flights again.
  5. Another Spaniard here... My only advice would be, as some people already said, to try to condense the information in just one page (I would never write 4 page letters to USCIS) and stick to what is asked to be explained. You guys will be fine
  6. Hi, The same I told you last time 😅 Vermont Good luck!
  7. I just got this by email: On August 19, 2020, we mailed your new card for your Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  8. Congrats! Why not applying now? You would save 500 bucks if you do it before the fee changes.
  9. Hi everyone, Finally, 363 days after my fingerprints were taken, my case status has moved to: New Card Is Being Produced I received no other communication in the meantime. Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
  10. Another case from the Vermont Service Center here. Still no news since the fingerprints taken in August 2019. Congrats to everyone with the card already!!
  11. Hi! my bio appointment was passed in early August.
  12. Still nothing (package sent on June 20, 2019). We received your case You do not need to do anything at this time We will let you know if we need anything else from you as we continue to review your case.
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