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  1. Hi guys, I just want to ask. I am a US citizen and will be filing for my mother Adjustment of Status. How many passport photos do I need and my mom? We are filing the Following: I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131, (I-864, I-693)
  2. Lucky for you that you got asked and you understood what would be the outcome of it. Some people don't. The OP may have been asked OR not, but like what she mentioned, she was not fully aware of this. This is not new, I always see these stories that they were not even aware of this and just found out during their naturalization interviews that they were registered to vote. Some immigrants are not fluent in english and they would just say yes without knowing what it is for. It is just so stupid that they will register people to vote without proper documentation to support that they are US citizen.
  3. I just don't understand if they are just trapping immigrants with this voting registration. English is not the first language of most immigrants and It takes only 1 mistake to be registered wrongly. But when it comes to immigrations they request immigrants to show as much evidences and paperworks that they have and all these complicated forms and processing. But when it comes to registering to vote, how come they don't even ask to show any evidence of being a US citizen? And eventually use it against the immigrants when they apply to naturalize later on when they registered accidentaly. Where is the credibility of the American election, if it's that easy to register and possibly vote?
  4. Maybe he is new or maybe not but these officers are trained for sure before they start interviewing people, every officers have their own way or style of conducting interviews. If they cannot make a decision, they review your file or send it to their supervisors for further review or background check. They have their own set of procedures that we don't know about to make sure everyone they approve are eligible to be naturalized.
  5. That happened to me also. I received an e-mail the following morning around 7 that they had taken an action but when I logged in it was nothing lol. I think that was to put in the system that we did our interview lol. There should be nothing to worry about yours, it's their standard procedure. I did my interview 2 weeks ago at Federal Plaza, I was approved on the spot. My case status still says oath ceremony will be scheduled. I feel you this whole waiting when it comes to immigration just kills us slowly lol.
  6. NYC is doing both virtual and in person interview. My interview was on the ipad and a printer next to it. The officer printed a paper after the interview saying I passed the tests and recommended me for approval. The officer said that I was approved and I just need to wait for the oath schedule.
  7. Yea, I been checking but it still says "Interview Was Scheduled". My interview was last week Wednesday, I am just worried because I am seeing you guys getting your oath schedule same day lol. My interview was virtual interview maybe thats why. Also I remember the officer told me that my oath should be in 2-3 weeks in the mail.
  8. anyone here from NYC still waiting for their oath schedule?
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