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  1. i have an lawyer who did our AOS filling. Concern is he is saying he sent our package on Aug 5th and he didn't send with any options where any of us can track where is our file at. I have all the copies what he sent but not sure if its lost. Can anyone help me to know if we send again all the copies by overnight mail is that going to be an problem? @Greenbaum need your help again.
  2. Anyone here sent out packages same date as mine on Aug 5th? I used credit card but nothing appears to be charged until today.
  3. Thanks for creating this. This is going to be so helpful
  4. Thanks. Yes dear the journey was really hard for both of us. but in the end, our faith win.
  5. I am the last one maybe to say this in our April group "Visa on Hand Today" it took more than a year for me to write this in here. 🤓
  6. I had my interview on 23rd May 2019 at USEM Malaysia & i was approved. My CEAC updated on 24 May 2019 from IV to NIV with "Application Received" status. I was told by my CO i will get back my passport within 3-4 dsys but until now the status on CEAC still same. From Malaysia anyone can help me to know how long normally it takes?
  7. Yes dear i know that. I spoke with them for the appointment. Any idea how long it takes to get the report done ? Thanks dear they asked me to bring 1000RM is that right?
  8. @Perfect two 💑 please help 🙏🏼
  9. Dear I need your help to know what they do in medical exams ? What are the test they will do?
  10. Dear Malaysian buddies can you please help me to know what are the medical process in KL? What they do ?
  11. Hi guys, I need some advise from you all, i am bit confused with one question " how long me & my faince dating together? " please help me with this how to answer. We met get connected in fb on 2014 and first in person meeting was on 2016 then after every year we met once. What would be the answer? Sorry it might be a silly questions to ask but i am confused i need all of your help.
  12. Hi everyone we got an email notification from NVC that our file is transferred to respected USEM. And CEAC status showing "READY" at this moment. I got a few questions I need all of your help. For AOS 1. I know Employment letter, Pay Stubs (How many month?), Tax return (How many years) ? W2 (How many Years?).
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