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  1. When I got married something similar happened. I was the immigrant, but I acquired a lot of debt because all credit cards and loans were in my name because my ex did not have "good credit." We got divorced last year (he cheated) and I am still paying the debt. It was stipulated in the divorce that he will pay half but he hasn't and I don't feel like going around asking him for money. Thinking back, I should have made him get a credit card in his name only and transfer half balance from my credits cards to his. We paid for vacations, send money to his sons, he even used up all of our savings to send to his ex for her to buy a car because his kids didn't have a way to move around (of course he didn't tell me that, he said he had to paid some debts he had). Since you are still married, you can ask him to get a loan only in his name for the amount of money he owes you and pay some of your debt off.
  2. Just the letter and the new documents. I did include a copy of the NOA 1 so that they could trace it to my file.
  3. Hello, When I send my paperwork with the update I did not hear anything back either. After 2 months I called and I talked to a tier two immigration officer who did a service request to make sure the new documents were placed with my file. Then a few weeks later I got a letter responding to the service request saying that my updated documents were placed with my file and were going to be reviewed with all my information.
  4. My approval for Removal of Conditions was on white plain paper. Hopefully, yours is too. Best of luck and keep us posted!
  5. Yes, I read the letter. Our therapist just stated that we attended couples therapy to together to try to work on our marital problems, that I seemed honest when speaking of my marriage and that I was noticeably affected by the events and the idea that our marriage had issues. There was no mention of any particular issue. It was just a reinforcement that we tried to work on our marriage together.
  6. I think this is good evidence that you sent already! I would send the Divorce decree, a letter telling them your story, and updated tax and bank statements (just from the date you sent your ROC to now) that is what I send when I asked to change my ROC from joint to waiver.
  7. SadStories

    Divorce while i751 pending

    As mentioned before, no need to notify now since divorce is not even filed. Also agreed that you do not qualify to apply for citizenship with the 3-year rule, you will need to wait 3 more years to apply under the 5-year rule. I went through the same thing. Applied for ROC jointly then divorced in the middle of the process. This is what I did: 1. moved out and changed my address on USCIS 2. when divorce was final I sent the divorce decree to the service center 3. after 3 weeks I called to make sure they received my documents, she told me I had done right by calling and that I should call back later 4. I called 60 days later I talked to a tier 2 officer who put a request on my case to make sure documents were received 5. received a letter saying that all my documents were put with my file to be reviewed 6. received my green card Now I am just waiting to apply for citizenship under the 5-year rule.
  8. thank you very much! So just one copy also for all other documents? I arranged the package with all forms in the front and then all the documents after the forms. Is this ok?
  9. I am helping a friend complete their package and I am wondering if they need to send a copy of their marriage certificate with each form or just one copy for the whole package. Can anyone please inform us? I did my AOS through a lawyer and seeing how uncomplicated it was I advice my friend to do it together so I am helping them. thanks
  10. Thank you for the pictures. It is really well done. I have a question. did you send a copy of marriage certificate with all forms? for example, one copy for I 130 and one for I 485?? or would sending just one would be enough?
  11. Congratulations! What city did you have your interview in?
  12. My approval letter doesn't have the Statue of Liberty in it. So it may be an approval letter. My letter has the exact same wording as other approval letters but the paper it is on seems just like regular paper. I don't know why I got it differently.
  13. Hello all, I recently got approved for my 10 yr green card, having divorce while in ROC. I have received some messages about my particular situation with my ROC process, so I think is a good idea to share my experience and what I did. The background story: I got married to a USC and I adjusted my status. I got my Conditional Residence in 2014. We had a good marriage for a few years and then I was set to Remove my conditions in 2016. I completed the paperwork, sent a ton of evidence, my then husband signed and we sent everything to the service center. I received a one-year extension letter and did my biometrics. Then in 2017 my husband and I began to have serious issues. We tried therapy, and after a few sessions and information I didn't know about before, it was obvious to me that I could not forgive what he did, I moved out and filed for divorce. By this time my ROC was still pending. This is what I did: I changed my address on USCIS as soon as I moved out. Once my divorce was final (took only two months) I sent my divorce decree, a letter asking them to change my petition to divorce waiver, 2017 tax returns, and a letter from our therapist to the same service center with a copy of both my NOA1 and my biometrics appt letter. I sent the package overnight and certified. I called a week after and talked to a Tier 2 officer to ask if there was anything else I needed to do. I was told that all was good, and to call back after 60 days to make sure my new documents were placed in my file. I called again after 60 days, the tier 2 officer place a service request. I got a letter a week after saying that the documents were in fact placed with my file. I received an approval in 2018, no RFE, no interview. If you are going through something similar, I know the struggle. Having to worry about all the immigration updates on top of all the issues you are living with divorce is hard (specially if you are the one who was hurt by your spouse). But, remember to keep USCIS updated! and keep a record of everything you send them.
  14. What do you think? while my ROC was pending I submitted my divorce decree and asked them to change my petition from joint to waiver. I also asked them to change my last name to my maiden name and it was stipulated in my divorce. When I got my new card, it still has my married last name, does this mean I have to submit a green card renewal to change my name?
  15. No, it never changed. It took about a week and a day to get here after I got the notification that I was approved. When did you ger approved?