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  1. Nothing. Some got a notice that their previous bio will be used.
  2. It has been almost a year since we all filed. When do you think we will get our ROC interviews/direct approvals?
  3. And nobody got RFEs either..what are they doing with our documents? Letting those sit there for this long...?
  4. Did anyone who file in Cali receive the biometrics letter?
  5. My local USCIS officers all told me to wait as otherwise it will confuse the workers in charge of reviewing/approving and will cause delays. I know we will wait.
  6. Best to wait til your I-751 is processed before applying for naturalization.
  7. All of us April filers. When do you think USCIS will finally act on our cases again?
  8. No biometrics info yet. Filed at CSC in April of this year. Considering how things are going, when do you think that us April filers will get our permanent Green Cards? Mid 2019?
  9. Exactly the same here. I wonder why they don't at least send us a letter stating whether our previous biometrics will be re-used?
  10. Anyone else from CSC that still has not received a request to do the biometrics?
  11. Lots of changes were implemented this year though
  12. Been told that nowadays they want you to have that 10 year GC or the citizenship will take much longer
  13. This is scary. I would hope that this is not yet set in stone. That article is a little confusing as we don't know whether that really concerns those who already have their temporary cards.
  14. Still no biometrics letter for us CSC folks? What's happening there?