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  1. Do you have an unrestricted social security card? If so, you can use that and a drivers license instead of your green card.
  2. They are wrong. But he has the stamp, so he’s good to go.
  3. Awesome! With the i-551 stamp he will have 2 options to show his employer. They can’t terminate him. The i-551 counts as a List A document for the i-9 and they are not supposed to re-verify that when it expires. He could also use his drivers license and unrestricted social security card as List B and C documents for the i-9. That won’t have to be re-verified either. (My husband also just started a new job 2 weeks ago during his roc process so I just did a bunch of research on this).
  4. Ok, so he showed them his expired green card plus one year extension letter when he started the job last week. That’s a different situation than an unexpired green card. Does he have an unrestricted social security card (a normal one, not one that says “valid for work only with dhs approval”)? If so, he can use that and a drivers license to prove his work eligibility. If not, get him an infopass appointment and get a stamp in his passport. For infopass appointments, I’ve always heard you need to check often and at different times of day/night for appointments to become available.
  5. Hi, did he show his employer his green card before it expired? Employers are not supposed to re-verify green cards if they are used as proof of employment eligibility on the i-9 at hiring. See question “Must I reverify an employee who presented for Form I-9 a Permanent Resident Card that expires in two years and contains conditions?” https://www.uscis.gov/faq-page/i-9-central-section-3-updating-and-reverification-rehires#t17076n47849 See question 13 https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/140-some-questions-you-may-have-about-form-i-9 Follow the advice given and make an infopass to get a stamp in his passport, but know that they can’t just terminate him because his green card expired, if that is what he used on his I-9.
  6. Mine is doing that too. Can you take it out of the envelope and put it in a plastic sleeve or folder so that it’s not folded at that crease anymore? At least then it won’t get worse.
  7. So dumb question: husband is eligible for n400 in a couple months, but roc is, of course, still processing and we’re expecting another year-ish on that. My local office is taking 17-20 months for n400. If we do file for n400 when the window opens, will his roc continue at csc according to csc’s processing timelines or will they be combined and roc delayed until the n400 is finished?
  8. Got the courtesy copy of the 18 month extension yesterday.
  9. Wooderz

    Looking for advice

    He’s been building his business for 15 years and only makes $800/month? What is he doing differently now that makes you think in a few more months he will be more successful? Honestly, he needs to get a job somewhere. I understand that he doesn’t feel like he is entry level, but that’s temporary. Even an entry level help desk job will pay more than his business is bringing in. If he’s as good as you say, he will be promoted quickly. He can continue to build his business at night and on the weekend.
  10. I don’t really regret it, but if I’d have understood aos better and known the K1 would take 10 months instead of the 6 it was taking when we filed, we would have done the cr1. It all worked out, but I do think cr1 is a better way to go, in hindsight.
  11. Dunno. They only made that change 2 weeks ago. When is yours dated? I wouldn’t worry about it. The notice says existing filers will receive an updated extension letter that will extend for 18 months. I imagine there are a lot of existing filers so it will probably take a while for them to get all the letters out. And if they’re going in chronological order, we’ll be last to get ours.
  12. I got a biometrics waiver letter in early/mid May. I filed early in April, though, and received my i797 on time.
  13. It’s actually not just for new filers. Existing filers are supposed to be getting updated extension letters. Here’s the notice from uscis: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/update-form-i-797-receipt-notices-form-i-751-and-form-i-829
  14. Yes. Uscis issued an update a few weeks ago saying they were extending for 18 months now.