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  1. I’m not sure if anyone has posted what the ceremony is like now so I will. It was about 40 people total. He was in and out in about 20 minutes. They took the oath and got their certificates and that was it. Congrats to all the new citizens and hooray for being done with USCIS!
  2. My husband’s oath was originally scheduled for April 1, but now it’s tomorrow! Wooohoo!
  3. April 1 oath ceremony was cancelled. I found it, like others did, in the Documents tab on myuscis.
  4. Administrative? It was at a community/education center.
  5. My husband’s oath on April 1 in Houston has been cancelled.
  6. My husband just had his interview and was recommended for approval! If I’m reading this thread right, there is 1 oath ceremony per month in Houston? Does anyone know what time of day it is? I want to attend if work permits.
  7. That’s terrible. I’m happy for you that you’re done now! I asked because a friend of mine had his n400 interview in August and his i751 is also still pending. They also can’t get any answers to what is going on and are not seeing any movement.
  8. Woah! What do you think caused the 5 year delay? What did you do during the 5 years to try to get your i751 processed?
  9. Great! I just started a new job so I don’t really want to take off if I don’t have to. I’ll save my time off for the oath ceremony. Can’t believe this whole immigration thing is almost over for us (fingers crossed). What a journey it’s been. We could not have done with without this community.
  10. Guys, silly question but really just looking for some reassurance. My husband’s I-751 is already approved. His n-400 interview was just scheduled for a few weeks out. We are filing under the 3 years rule. Do I, the USC spouse, need to attend the interview?
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