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  1. If arriving in the US on 2/28 and your marriage certificate has a date of May 29, 2019 or earlier, you have fulfilled you k-1 requirement of marrying within 90 days.
  2. We received the approval letter on a Monday and the card arrived two days later. You will have the card early next week. Congrats!
  3. ch3john

    Puerto Rico a problem?

    Eliminate the stress and dont go to PR and chose somewhere else. As I mentioned, flights to PR from and to the mainland are domestic flights. My wife and took a cruise out of PR last May and the only time she showed her green card was getting off and on the ship, because the cruise went to other countries. You don't go through customs at either airport. CBP should be able to answer that question, not sure who you are asking there.
  4. ch3john

    Puerto Rico a problem?

    You will not go through customs going to PR or coming from PR to the mainland. It is considered a domestic flight just like flying from Dallas to Chicago, no customs involved. The only risk I can think of is if your flight gets diverted and has to land in another country or territory, chances of that happening are slim but something to consider.
  5. Yes, send it back to them. You sent it too early, it has to arrive within 90 days of the GC expiration date.
  6. Surely the reaction letter has a reason it was returned. A couple of things I can think of, you didn't include the correct amount of $680. When did they receive the original package? If they received on or before January 28th, you sent it too early. Read the reaction letter again, they will have a reason for the return listed in the letter.
  7. "Try" being the key word. 😁
  8. You will drive yourself insane if you try to figure out USCISs logic
  9. WAC1811....approved last Thursday 2/7
  10. No, but they should. My said the same thing "CASE STATUS" until the day it was approved. Have you setup an account at my.uscis.gov? Not much more information there but at least you can see they have your case.
  11. Take is a step further. If you are one of the few that get called for interview for 10yr GC, and then interviewed for N400, you just doubled the number of interviews.
  12. Did not apply N-400. Wanted to get ROC first since N400's are taking 16-20 months to process in Dallas where we would file.
  13. Another March approval, no RFE or interview. WAC1811....... Hopefully the rest of you will hear something soon.
  14. Traveling within the US you need a valid ID, a passport will work just fine