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  1. Not necessary or worth the expense to add to the mortgage or deed if you have other evidence of co-mingling assets.
  2. I don't see sisters listed. That's probably why yours went to CA.
  3. One address is a PO Box if you are using USPS. The other is a physical street address if you are using FedEx or UPS to send you petition
  4. I completely understand what you are saying. My point is, if you go back to the original question, it has been answered many times. Don't do it, it's fraud if you continue this path, K2 is the way to go, etc. I think he understands now and has the answers he needs to make his decision. I just don't see the point belaboring the issue with the same repetitive answers. I've seen many posts closed once the question has been answered when the thread continued down the same path. Anyway, I don't have any skin in the game, I just thought giving the OP a little slack would be the right thing to do.
  5. I am going to give OP the benefit of the doubt and assume he truly didn't know what he was doing and didn't clearly know the process. That's one of the reasons this site is so valuable. He hasn't come back to clarify anything and has left a lot of speculation, assumptions and possible false accusations, etc. I don't see the point in belaboring this issue with a barrage of the same replies. This whole process is stressful enough without having people badgering and beating a dead horse into the ground. If his is intent was to commit fraud, badger away. I think the question has been answered and clarified many times over. The mods will do good in closing this thread since it's clear what is the right thing to do.
  6. Unless you are the biological father, you can't go the CRBA route. K2 is for you.
  7. That's a great price from Orlando to Austin!
  8. For what it's worth, FedEx "lost" my son's DNA sample from Indonesia to the US. It finally turned up two weeks later because it was mis-sorted and was sitting in a FedEx warehouse. As USS_Voyager said above, it has to be somewhere and not destroyed. Keep calling FedEx until they find it The only money you will get from them is the cost of what you paid for the shipment.
  9. The House passed HR 1044 today. What are your thoughts? Is this a good thing or not so good? Mainly thinking of immigrants from countries other than China and India.
  10. You can't get a stamp with a valid extension letter. I believe it has to be within 6 weeks before the expiration of the extension letter before you can get stamp. My wife travelled many times with the expired GC and extension letter with no issues at all. Just be sure to carry to original letter and not a copy
  11. Is this for ROC? If so, then you should include two photo's "If you reside outside the United States".
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