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  1. hi, rafael

    i could not avoid noticing your case because we are of the same portal and etc.

    I  feel your anxiety re the delay in your case approval so i decided to share with you what i did, to get my case, with a july PD, get noticed.


    I do not believe in calling, calling, calling to follow up because i know of the time wasted waiting for people, esp. the right person, to respond. i get stressed doing so.

    So what i did, after putting myself in the shoes of the adjudicator, was to know how she/he feels about the hundreds of petitions on his/her desk.  asked the question, how can i make him/her notice mine out of the hundreds she has to screen and consider. How can i make my case stand out so he'd give it attention?

    To cut the story short, I wrote a letter of appeal to him, of my desperation, to be given this one chance at love and happiness.


    For him to connect , the cut and dried application papers, with actual persons,  i sent along a photo album  of myself and my bene. To show who we are and the actual lives he can impact with his decision. Hoping it can tug at his heartstrings.


    Of course , it took me days to compose and organize my thoughts as my story is very emotion -filled. To remember it is to relive the pain of my past and how it has affected my personal life.


    But i did write and send it one day, received the next day, as it was express mail, and wonder of wonders, i got their approval 4 days after i sent my letter and album of photos.

    i'm not saying you sh do the same but perhaps you think of a way to address the adjudicator personally and appeal to his emotions, what to do, so you'd stand out among the many applications that continue to be added each passing day.

    I did not want to trumpet what i did because it may come out less worthy than its true intentions, but i sympathize with your anxieties and pain, esp that my bene and yours are of the same country and the same orientation.

    Put yourself on the adjudicator's shoes and think what'll make you notice such application.

    Good luck, to both of you...

    1. sharkfin07


      sorry, rafael, i was repeating myself, i realized after i read my first letter

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