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  1. catholic priests are usually licensed, like ship, airplane captains, judges, mayors, by our phil. jurisprudence to marry or wed their faithful, which makes marriages performed by them legal. it is as legal as those conducted by the judges in courts.
  2. sharkfin07

    Oath ceremony

    together with many others, my oath ceremony was done in a courthouse before a judge. I love it because in there, I was able to change my name back to my maiden name without paying a lawyer for the job. you can change your name to whatever you desire , if you take your oath at a courthouse. you don't have to change your name , of course.
  3. sharkfin07

    Medical Exam in Brazil

    perhaps because your visa is different from mine w/c is a CR1-IR1 visa, travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/family/immediate-relative-html#10, expressly states, Under Important Notice: Before your visa interview you must schedule and complete your medical exams and all required vaccinations. No visa will be issued until your medical exams and all required etc are completed and submitted.. Usually visas are approved right after the interview if everything is in order, w/c includes the submission of the completed medical exams results, etc. so if you don't submit it , your approval / visa issuance wont happen right after...Stated differently, II say it is a requirement at interview if you don't want any delay in getting your visa . misty
  4. sharkfin07

    Medical Exam in Brazil

    my bene's interview was scheduled on a friday, july 14, 2017. She called /told the doctor's secretary re her interview sked and when to schedule medical so she has it all by thursday, or day before interview. she scheduled it on the monday of that week and did get her medical exams result on time for the friday interview.
  5. sharkfin07

    No Father on Birth Certificate

    You are right. Birth certificates are legal documents so anything derived from it should so indicate. So even if the writer says she / he knows the father, that is irrelevant. it is already outside the scope of what is in the document. Unless in the future he/she wants to claim some inheritance from his real father , then he/she has to prove that the father recognizes or has recognized him/ her by other means provable. the birth itself w/o the father's name can be used against him by other heir/claimants. misty
  6. sharkfin07

    No Father on Birth Certificate

    if the birth certificate does not indicate a father, it is best that your application reflects it. while it is good that they have a relationship, questions might arise later why the birth certificate is not consistent with her application. If the form provides a space to explain this then do so, but the birth certificate is one of the major civil docs you are to submit so try to explain it wherever there is space for it.
  7. if you are inside the US, then you will do that, but if you are both outside the US, why not DCF, in the country of your residency? it is the faster route as i have observed here.
  8. hi, gringa if you have read my timeline, you will see that some of your questions are off. what i told you is history. in fact the july 14, 2017 interview date in rio de janeiro, is exactly 365 days ago from our noa1. yes, took us a year to finally get the interview date. do both of you live abroad? if yes, then you should file dcf, or filing at the consulate of your residence. It is much faster. i live in the US. Met my spouse the 2nd time around and stayed with her in their home, for 3 mos. in Brazil. We decided to marry in Buenos Aires, after which I came home to file the paperwork. If you live in Argentina, then file it in the US Embassy of your country, so you don't have to go back and forth from wherever you are, for the interview. Re the fees, I paid the initial fee with my US bank check, the rest with my US debit card. I am still in the US but flying next week to meet her in Rio for her interview. If approved , will bring her back with me. This is our situation. Am not sure what yours is, so I am not very confident how to make you proceed. I hope this helps. misty
  9. You will file the I-130, not the I-129f anymore as USCIS will no longer pay attention to it. Like my I-130 then I-129F. When USCIS approved my I-130, it , also , stated that the 1-129f is no longer necessary. Your spouse will be interviewed in the country she is from, not where you wed. Ex: my case, I am the USC, spouse is from Brazil, we wed in Buenos Aires. This 7/14., my spouse will have her interview in the US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So contrary to what my lawyer stated, that interview will be where the couple married ( in our case, Buenos Aires, AR), the interview will be where bene resides/ comes from. Visa Journey folks know this better than the lawyer, which is why I fired him, even before NOA2. So you are in the right forum to ask your questions, ok? I hope this helps you. misty
  10. 3 months waiting for interview date , do you had any problem or it was regular time ? Thank you

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    2. gulcanmario


      Please do you have the email adress that i have to send the docs ? and do you know if anyone can send by email or its just for some cases ? Another thing is that i already send by mail do you think is ok if i sedn by email too ?

    3. sharkfin07


      once you send by mail, then you to do the same. they'd tell you you can't shift from one method to the other. however, you can always call or email them re what you want to do and see if they'd allow you, ok?

    4. sharkfin07


      gulcan, by the way, you can see in the guide the methods with w/c your country is allowed.

      mine, buenos aires, allows both ways, but because there was so much docs and am not savvy with computers, i just did the mailing.

      hope this helps.



  11. sharkfin07

    Filipino Embassy Help!

    So what's the problem? I was addressing the Filipino national's problem in re the couple's unique situation and US application, not the country's position towards who initiates the divorce. Like I said the country has a say on what their own national/ citizen does. Their problem did not discuss as to who divorces who, just what and how wife will fill up the application relating to her prior civil status. Let's stick to the particular person's particular issue at hand,, ok? If you want a discussion of foreigners divorcing their filipina wife, even if the divorce has been initiated by the foreigner, the Phil Courts ( this time by the Supreme Court), can still completely ignore or even use it against the divorcing husband, if his intention is just to use it against the filipino national and make a mockery of our laws. Forgot the landmark case as it's been 3 decades since my studies.
  12. sharkfin07

    Filipino Embassy Help!

    She will most defintitely disclose her previous marriage, but when she fills up her US application form she will indicate divorce. All she needs to do is submit certified copy of her earlier marriage and the divorce decree/certificate.
  13. sharkfin07

    Filipino Embassy Help!

    There is no divorce in the Philippines so it won't recognize as valid your wife's divorce. But you don't need to worry about the Phil's attitude towards it because what matters here is how the US sees it. It may not be valid in the Phil but if valid in the country where conducted, then the US will treat it a such. All USCIS need is that there is a divorce decree before she married you. You don't need to worry because the renewed Phil passport your wife will have won't show her civil status. In forms you'll fill up in re your US application, state "divorce", ok? I am a filipina who divorced my spouse so while it is not valid in the Phil. , it is valid in the US. I recently married a Brazilian who i am currently petitioning as a spouse. i hope this helps you both. Misty
  14. sharkfin07

    Filipino Embassy Help!

    The Phil recognize
  15. i used OFX to send money to my sister in Germany, no fees. ( bank to bank.) they just earn from the current exchange rate of the dollar to the euro. Compare: my $3000 US dollar was Euro 2712.20. if i had sent it via western union, it was just going to be Euro 2500 and change. and u pay some amount to get it transmitted. bank to bank is worse, it is much more expensive, the fees, plus the exchange rate of the 2 currencies, taxes, etc. i will use OFX for all my future int'l money transfer. OFX tho does not accept certain countries' currencies, at certain times, like the Phil., at time I did the transaction.