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  1. Hi Diane We got a new medical done and shots since the one my husband did in Cuba expired already. Over here they require you to do the shots prior to getting a medical. thanks our interview is this coming Tuesday already and getting the paperwork organized.
  2. Got'cha, thanks for the info and congrats. I'm a naturalized citizen so I'm going to include that in my package along with my passport of course plus stuff we have purchased together "big ticket" items new (A/C unit for the house) including local trips. the only I-94 I have for my hubby was the one he back when he entered the states. We never filed the AP with the EAD we just recently applied for it therefore he never left the country since he came to the USA back in 11-2016; so that would be the only I-94. I have a lot of things printed already just needed to confirm and see what else can be brought to the interview.
  3. HI Can someone please provide me with a good list of things to bring to the Interview or a good link?
  4. I had to renew the EAD as well because I hadn't received the AOS yet and I applied for the AP
  5. HI @Dsouza29 Well actually you don't know, they don't really don't send out a notifications or anything. We went to the local field office to ask about our case and that's when the CO told us our paper work was at their office.(We have gone a total of 5 times). It was a relief cause I sincerely thought it was lost. Sorry, what is a PD? @Dsouza29 have you tried reaching out to your local congressman? I did and I was returned a call within 2 weeks. your case is totally outside of normal range. I know everyone says there is a delay but there is for sure. I would think you should be hearing something soon. I would start gathering all your documents for the interview, this way you are ahead of the game.
  6. Omg this is great cause I was confused over the same thing on the medical. We got our letter Monday for an interview 7.31.2018. very excited and nervous at the same time. Its a very long time coming. Funny thing our status hasn't changed at all. its terrible to be looking at this website daily only to have the documents arrive and the status stay the same. On Positive note the interview is weeks away.
  7. FINALLY.... we got an appointment date for the AOS interview. I wish the interview was waived but this is better than not hearing anything and being in limbo.
  8. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew or had any experience, on how long will it take for the AOS to be approved once it gets to my local field office? My local field office (Hialeah, FL) received my husband's info last month in May 2018, after almost more than a year up in Lees Summit, MO 2.27.2017. One of the ppl in that field office mentioned to my husband it wouldn't take too long now once its there and was also told K-1 visa/AOS holders take the longest to be approved. seems we've been waiting forever. thanks
  9. DRkalemar -- If speaking to the tier 2 officer doesn't help - try your local congressman's office for sure. I wrote to my local congressman's office in Miami, FL and they contacted me within a week to hear the situation with the case. I too am a Dec 21, 2016 filer and I received and RFE within a month or so of filing 2/2017 and my case was in Lees Summit, Mo till recently 5/2018. Early this month, we went to our local field office and they mentioned our case was finally at the office. Its a huge sign of relief for us. Let's see how long they keep us waiting on the decision.
  10. Finally my husband's AOS is at our local field office. We are a bit more alleviated now since its in FL, we thought it was stuck in someone's filing cabinet up in Lee's Summit, MO. Its  a huge relief now that its down here,  lets see how long is this takes to schedule an interview. 


  11. yes that's great. We'll will be patiently waiting on this GC. thanks again.
  12. @javadown2 yes you did read that correctly. The RFE was for a spot I missed my name on and basically had to resend the package with the same but updated info which they received 2.27.2017. It's been very discouraging waiting for my husband to get the GC to be approved. We have gone to the field office a couple of times and they keep telling us its in Lee's Summit, Mo. They are only waiting on Cuba to reply as to what they "see" on their screen. Until when is my answer, I told them I'm hoping they didn't lose his documents. the only other good thing they mentioned we wouldn't have an interview which is a bonus. Now i'm applying for the AP cause i'm not sure when the GC will appear. is mother is elderly and he would like to see her. Do you have any other suggestions on what I can do? thanks esther
  13. thanks guys for the advice, I will send out the AP documents tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.