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  1. This is what we sent in to file for the I 751 removal of status: Bank statement Car note Pictures 8 old ones 2 affidavit letters Could that be enough strong evidence.
  2. Could they ask for an interview. How do you proof marriage was a fraud . I feel it was because he used me . I saw the signs. But I was blind.
  3. Yea, but we dont think we had enough evidence. We sent a bank statement car note and pictures were old. There was only 8 sent that's it. Oh a 2 letters from folks . I sent in yesterday the police report that says they have pictures and they say the bruises on my neck and she told.me.to write a letter explaining what happened.
  4. We are waiting to see if we get an I terview after filing the I 751. I do not want to go. I am the us citizen. We dont feel we sent in enough documentation for one. I also went to them about the abuse yesterday I was told as long as if it has not been approved I can send all the documentation I have to support abuse. I did that I wrote a 4 page letter and sent police reports. If I dont attend if ask for an interview what could be the out come? Could they ask for see that there is an issue? This man is absolutely crazy.
  5. Ok went to immigration . They ask me to write a letter explaining the situation. Then they want the police reports. I gave them that. Now, what happens if I dont go to the interview. I did not ask that. The police report says how he choke me and they have pictures. Can he get his green card if I dont come to.the interview
  6. We filed.the 1751. Removal of status police came he called and I was afraid. My son and I are going to Immigration tomorrow and show them my bruises. I hate him. I dnt deserve this.
  7. Tonight my husband beat me and bit me because I got mad because hes talking to another woman. I got so angry he very disrespect to me so I throw a basket barely touch him. So I called the lady and he disnt defend me at all beat me with her on the phone. He hit my son because he was trying to defend his.mom. we are going to immigration tomorrow. I want to with draw. He has got as far as going for the biometric. But we havent heard anything else. If I go to them to show them my bruises will they let me withdraw What can I do I dont want him to get nothing I feel used. I feel he hates me.i lost everything job been very I'll dealing with stress behind him.and his daughter she is 7 she has no respect for me at all. Please need advise. I'm working on leaving but I have nothing . I paid so much to get him and his daughter here. My dad.just died this past week I have not even buried him.yet He asks as if I should not speak up. Were married respect me.
  8. Well regardless Im just gonna walk if he gets it he gets it I know I have no control over it . But I will not attend the interview if they ask for more evidence oh well he has to figure that out. I just told him
  9. I really think he is waiting to see if he gets approved the bounce on me. I think he just waiting his time. He told me no divorce but it is not gonna work . is a bad toxic relationship. If he get his card he will get it with me Im done Im looking for a place know Im the us citizen.
  10. If you had your biometrics does that mean that they have the evidence they need to process your petition. I file the I 751 for my husband and he had the biometrics yesterday so does that mean that he is getting approve. Does that mean they no interview?
  11. no Im not her using me I have help him and his daughter and I have been beat on and everything . sick and all. sabotage no way. Im not going to no interview
  12. ok, got it. I just feel like a idiot he brought his daughter she has mental issues and he babies her she doe not respect me. Im exhausted Im looking to get out now, If he gets it oh well but I will not go to an interview.
  13. He got his letter in his own we still love together and we are married we havent filed for a divorce , He got the letter out the mail.
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