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  1. Hey congrats I’m glad you get past NVC I was worried that you didn’t because  haven’t seen you post anything may I ask how long it take for them to schedule our interview 

    1. Sea Leslie

      Sea Leslie

      Thanks,  I was DQ on January 10th and scheduled for an interview on January 21st for February 3rd. 

    2. Shanshanjamrock


      Thank you I wanted to know how fast the embassy in Jamaica moving That’s a quick interview Schedule I’m happy for you I’m still in the limbo with my mom at  NVC 

    3. Sea Leslie

      Sea Leslie

      Sorry to hear about the limbo, but now that the holidays are done things should be a little bit faster. 

  2. Hi Wonder that Is the only document they rejected for me is I684a form becuz it was e signature they want it to be ink signature
  3. Does any one know if I have to send my marriage certificate to my parents for their interview, I know I have to send AOS and pay stub and they have the other stuff like their birth certificate passport etc
  4. My first submission was in October 25 second October 30 then on November 4 I add my mom police record.I think early on in a post I send November 2 but that’s wrong.
  5. Well I still i have a long way to go 😊🙏I am waiting for a case number for my dad but at least I won’t make the same mistake. I know you are next I hope You hear from them between today and tomorrow
  6. It’s ok am kinda happy I hear from them still moving forward. My form I-864a didn’t have my Husband a wet signature I thought that was required at the interview.
  7. Hi Sea Leslie I just heard back from NVC they basically rejected one of my document everything else is accepted oh boy and the way to start over
  8. Hi Sea Leslie you heard anything after your last Submission I submit my mom police record on 2 of December my first was on 25 of October they wanted more document that they didn’t ask for at first I submit those on the 30 of October, so I guess the clock might reset becuz it’s 6 weeks for me. I know am not in any hurry to get my mom here just I want this to be over and I still have my dad who is also at nvc but haven’t got a case # yet.
  9. When I call after I select 1 for English then 2 its going to say something about lost or can’t find your case # that way you can get to a live person.
  10. Hi Woolen58 maybe you should try calling the USCIS Office to find out if they sent your case over to nvc, my Dad was approved on November 8 and I call them yesterday the guy said I should wait 60 days to hear something from nvc, but this morning I woke to notification saying my case was sent to nvc, so that’s another month of waiting.
  11. That’s good news, my mom still haven’t receive her smh it’s so messy. Question did you already submitted some documents, is it possible to submit additional document before they review the case .
  12. My mom submitted her in maypen Clarendon they told her It would be ready last Monday it’s wasn’t they told her to come back yesterday Friday. She is waiting for Monday to check back.
  13. Hi Sea Leslie I have bring lucking around have said anything since most people here are filing for the spouse am filing for my mom and dad my mom is at the nvc stage and she file for her police report back in September and still haven’t got it she keep getting the round around,I know it might not mean much as I know nvc need it, I just submit all her documents with a letter and receipt of the police record showing that she applied for it. I haven’t hear anything from them as yet. My dad applied for his Police record last month and they told him 2 to 3 months since they’re still having a lot of blockage am just giving up heads up hope your husband get his soon.
  14. Hey you might want to check this site out and see if there is a affordable plan you can choose from its call (American visitor insurance) it's good for like permanent resident and new green card holder I was searching for health insurance myself as I'm filing for my mom so this is what I came across I hope it help
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