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  1. Thank you Stacey Ann! We’ve been worried after waiting so long to get to this point so appreciate the reassurance.
  2. Good Evening Has anyone had any experience with being told at the interview, Congratulations, you’re approved and good luck, then being placed from “ready” status to “administrative processing”? We’ve heard this is a bad sign so don’t understand what could have happened? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Good Night Just after I was reading this I received an email approving the expedite. We applied after seeing all of the encouragement from everyone on here and being very hopeless/depressed for many months. I hope everyone gives it a try and does not give up. Our family has literally been torn in half the past 18 months with my boys and I here in the States and my husband/daughter in Jamaica. If anyone is in the New England area- we have a really great lawyer who helped us who was an immigrant himself then brought his wife and children to the US on the CR1/CR2 visas so he understands the frustration- would be happy to share.
  4. Seems they must be getting longer with this as well. We sent ours in on April 15th.
  5. Thanks we’ve been waiting over three weeks now so didn’t know if they could give no answer at all
  6. Good Morning Has anyone had the experience of not getting not getting any response to an expedite request? Or do you know if the response time has gotten longer now? Thank you
  7. They did say they are open but not for K1 visa. They did not say what dates they are on
  8. Good Evening Does anyone know if the pictures for the medical and interview all have to be signed and stamped?
  9. For my husband. These type of visas were not postponed due to the virus or Trumps restrictions in the US
  10. This is for a spousal visa. Would this be any faster?
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