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  1. Thank you! We went with IEE and received the evaluation back in about two weeks.
  2. I would like to ask if anyone has had success in obtaining Education Evaluations with only the high school and/or university diplomas and no transcripts. I understand that many countries around the world do not provide transcripts and Ethiopia (which is where my wife is from) seems to be one of them. We've paid and submitted her certificates to IEE but its been three weeks has passed and the only response we receive are "Still Processing." Has anyone else had success with other institutions that provide fast turn around for evaluations?
  3. Hi, I'll let you know how the evaluation turns out. We're still waiting for it to be complete and its taking much longer than we expected. I've checked with other institutes and they either require transcripts or quoting a 6 week turn around. I'm tempted to mail without the evaluation but fear a possible RFE. I hope that your packet does not get an RFE and you can move on with the process
  4. I find myself stuck at this section of the I-944. The AOS Packet is ready, just this one section has created confusion. My wife is from Ethiopia and we have her certificates from the University and High School. Unfortunately we do not have the transcripts and the likelihood of the schools mailing them is pretty much an impossibility. I found International Education Evaluations LLC online and was able to scan the certificates for evaluation. Currently waiting to hear back from them.
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