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  1. Hello, I got recently naturalized and I am applying for my mom IR5. Going through the documents I have, I realized that my mother's full name was not included on my birth certificate. They way names work in my country is that the middle name is actually the name of person's father, grandfather, greater grandfather. So her name in her birth certificate, national ID & her passport is her first name, name of her father, grandfather, greater grandfather and finally her Family name On my birth certificate, what is included is only her name, name of her father, grandfather. To make things worse, I checked her marriage certificate and realized that they omitted her family name but included the rest. We applied to correct her name on my birth certificate, but that will take some time. My question is that can I apply for her with the birth certificate I have on hand and with her passport showing her full name and include one of the names as an alternative name used before? I can upload my new birth certificate reflecting her full name once that is produced at a later time point. Or would that get us an RFE immediately? Appreciate any advice.
  2. I had my oath ceremony finally scheduled for 10/15. Initially was supposed to have my oath 7/16 but was out of the country. Requested rescheduling initially with no response until today, they finally rescheduled for 10/15. Interview date was 3/22 and was approved on the spot
  3. Finally got my oath ceremony scheduled. Will be 7/16/21. Unfortunately, I will be out of the country. Will seek to have it rescheduled. Really unfortunate situation to have my ceremony scheduled 4 months after the interview and I can’t make it
  4. I had my interview on 3/22/21 at the Pittsburgh, PA office and requested a name change. Still waiting for an oath ceremony appointment. Tried to contact USCIS and received an email saying that I am in-line and they got “hundreds” waiting for an appointment ahead of me!!
  5. Had my interview today. Was less than 30 mins in and out. Received approval letter on the spot and website updated to “oath ceremony will be scheduled” as soon as I left. The officer mentioned an expected date mid-May for Oath ceremony. Pittsburgh, PA office
  6. My interview notice was uploaded to the documents tab today Interview is scheduled March 22nd
  7. I received a pleasant update this morning. Interview have been scheduled for my case only 10 days after receiving bio reuse letter. Estimated wait time became 6 months Pittsburgh PA local office
  8. Still view only. I think opening it to the public wouldn’t be a bad idea
  9. Estimated completion date for my case updated from June to February 2021!!
  10. Biometrics reuse letter finally on 2/1. Filed 9/5 online, Pittsburgh, PA local office
  11. I filed 9/5 and heard nothing since then!! I called USCIS last Wednesday and requested a callback from a tier 2; today I got an email stating that my case is still pending biometrics scheduling.
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