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  1. Excellent, thanks for sharing. We have also done our medical and this weekend bio in Delhi, with our interview in Mumbai. Glad to see we shouldn't have problems with doing it in another city.
  2. Better to confirm from US Embassy in Mumbai coz we got a different answer from the ultra docs customer service. They stated that we should check with Mumbai if they will accept medical from Delhi or not. Biometrics can be done in Delhi irrespective of the interview location. Biometrics hardly takes few minutes so if we have to go to Mumbai for medical then we will prefer to get my biometrics done in Mumbai itself .
  3. I called NVC and asked, Delhi no longer has an approved doctor, so we have to go to Mumbai for Biometric and physical. Approved physicians also in Gujarat, Chennai, and Hyderabad, but these are further away. This is just one time in our lives, so we need to do it right!
  4. My wife just emailed the Embassy so let's see what they gonna say. It's so hectic for us to make separate trips to Mumbai but we have no other choice than to go to Rele clinic (Mumbai)
  5. We are in the same situation. I live in Delhi and wondering if it's ok to go to Delhi Max or I have to make a trip to Mumbai. We also looking forward to some clarity on it.
  6. We asked RapidVisa, the company online we use to do our paperwork, I asked this same question about medical done at Delhi due to my spouse living in Delhi. The answer they gave me was, " In this case, since it is with the Mumbai US Embassy, the VAS appointment for the Biometrics would need to be completed on the same Embassy. You can request for this to be done in a different location though but from experience, it would be required by the Embassy themselves that this gets completed with them."
  7. I never thought it matters at which city you getting your medicals done as far as it is it's Max hospital? Or does it matter if I take my Medicals in Delhi Max hospital and not Mumbai? I just don't want two separate trips to Mumbai unless they accept medical only from Mumbai Max if the interview is at US embassy Mumbai. Any inputs ?
  8. That means now we to wait longer for the interview now since all the cases now being transferred to Mumbai gosh. Also last month we have received an RFE from NVC to submit my birth certificate which we have already sent them two weeks ago but on the website it's showing the same message of RFE. So how to confirm if they have received ? Shall we call the NVC and check with them or just wait for the email from them that our case is ready now?
  9. We emailed RapidVisa, the company we use to do our paperwork. They stated New Delhi no longer processing immigrant visa's, so they all got transferred out to other consulates in India. This includes K1 fiancé visas, CR1 spousal visas, etc. So even if we wanted to choose New Delhi because the spouse lives there, we have no choice, we can't choose it.
  10. Thanks Nelma..Yes this is what I read about K1 visa but ours is CR1 so we are confused as is it a normal for them to transfer or it's just with us. I'll try to call embassy as you guided and also will email ultradocs as we have no clue why they changed from New Delhi to Mumbai. I was wondering if someone has been in similiar situation as us. Thanks and good luck to you !
  11. Hi all! So today we have received an email from NVC that our case has now transferred from New Delhi to Mumbai US embassy . We are confused as I(benificery) lives in Delhi and we have opted New Delhi as the place for my interview. That will be great if anyone who has been in the similar situation can advise..Thank you !
  12. From the personal experience at US embassy New Delhi I can tell you that they will call your mother to verify your relationship. They will ask you if you have brought your phone to the embassy and if it is the locker box . If you say yes they will take your phone and call all your phone contacts. Yes sounds crazy but this is how the system works here. Make sure your mom knows about your relation. She may not approve it but she should know about it . Embassy is very big on parents approval in India. New Delhi is most hard to deal with. Just make lot of visits and document each visit.All the best