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  1. Me too hehe but I wasn’t sure so that’s why I asked ,thank you
  2. Hi,guys I have a curiosity about at what stage is the A number assigned ,I asked a friend and told me that if the visa is approved at the interview the CO will write down the A-number on passport and some say at the POE by CBP officer,,the reason I’m asking is because if my wife’s visa is approved at the interview I will have to pay the uscis fee for green card , do you guys know ???? Thank you in advance !!
  3. Thank you and I hope everything goes well at the interview !
  4. Guys my wife just got her interview scheduled for January 23 OMG I’m so happy ,I honestly tought that we will have to wait a couple of months but to my soprise i received the email from NVC , case completed was December 11 !
  5. Accepted means they already reviewed your documents ,you will get a CC once all of your documents are accepted ,I got stock at NVC for almost 2 months because they were not very clear from the beginning and today finally I had that msg saying documentarily qualified...
  6. I’m happy to announce that today I received a msg from NVC saying documentarily qualified after being stock for more than a month,wow finally I can’t believe it,well now wait for the interview .
  7. No,NVC will review your documents within 3 weeks
  8. When was the last time you heard from NVC???
  9. Has anyone receive an update from NVC ??? I submitted a document November 14 and since then nothing ...
  10. Me too,that’s why I wanted to know because I submitted mine on nov 14 and I thought I was going to receive a response from them but nothing ,if you received yours then maybe I receive mine tonight so hopefully they don’t forget about me today hahaha..thank you for your response !
  11. When did you submit your documents and how long ago did u get the msg from NVC if you dnt mind me asking sorry.!
  12. I think is case completed ,when you submitted your documents if u dnt mind.!
  13. Only submit what they asking for and you should be ok,whatever the message they sent you just do it to avoid more delays,I’m just waiting for them to accept what they asked for and wait for interview ,maybe I hear from them tomorrow or Friday because I don’t know if they are closed on thanksgiving !
  14. Yes today they accepted my documents but now they are asking me to submit proof of relationship with household member and resubmit tax trasncript in the additional document section,i got the feeling that NVC wants to stay with them forever ...
  15. I submitted just a photo and that was ok for them ,passport photo.