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  1. I did my research and Tou are correct and thank god it’s nothing cause me and my wife know what the reason could be,thank you..!!
  2. Hello guys,my wife received her passport today with visa and everything it’s fine but I noticed on her visa there’s an anotation that’s says class B req.attn of usphs at POE...is it that normal or what you guys think ???? Anyone knows???? Wife will be arriving next weekend..!!
  3. Quick update guys ,my wife visa yesterday was undergoing administrative processing and today status now says issued,so that means she’ll her passport Monday or Tuesday,so happy..!!😌😌
  4. The year we got married we were together for a very long time and 2 year of marriage I became usc and that took almost 9 months and the 3rd year I filed the petition for my wife,and the whole proces took 11 months from beginning to visa approved ,her tourist visa was denied in 2016 and since then we didn’t do it again and just file the spousal visa.!!!the interview lasted only around 5 minutes and consular officer didn’t ask for any proof of relationship and I didn’t sent any when I sent the I -130 ...thank god everything went well.
  5. Thank you I wish ur wife a smooth interview,my wife told me only 4 questions were asked and th lady that interviewed my wife said that she saw on the computer that she was denied a tourist visa before and said dnt worry because your visa is approved today and gave my wife a paper on how to paid the green card fee and have a nice flight ,my wife told me everything was fast and no proof of relationship was asked,only birth of certificate and marriage certificate and that was it,the lady kept her passport and told my wife to expect the passport with visa in 5 days or lees..🤗🤗🤗😌😌😌
  6. Guys I’m glad and happy to inform yall that my wife’s visa ir1 was approved just now and can’t stop crying cause it’s been 3 years living apart and finally we are going to be together,I want to say thank you to this website visa journey and those willing to help when I needed the most,I’ll be in touch with you guys,wow I can’t believe it,thank you Jesus thank you!
  7. Me too hehe but I wasn’t sure so that’s why I asked ,thank you
  8. Hi,guys I have a curiosity about at what stage is the A number assigned ,I asked a friend and told me that if the visa is approved at the interview the CO will write down the A-number on passport and some say at the POE by CBP officer,,the reason I’m asking is because if my wife’s visa is approved at the interview I will have to pay the uscis fee for green card , do you guys know ???? Thank you in advance !!
  9. Guys my wife just got her interview scheduled for January 23 OMG I’m so happy ,I honestly tought that we will have to wait a couple of months but to my soprise i received the email from NVC , case completed was December 11 !
  10. Accepted means they already reviewed your documents ,you will get a CC once all of your documents are accepted ,I got stock at NVC for almost 2 months because they were not very clear from the beginning and today finally I had that msg saying documentarily qualified...
  11. I’m happy to announce that today I received a msg from NVC saying documentarily qualified after being stock for more than a month,wow finally I can’t believe it,well now wait for the interview .
  12. Has anyone receive an update from NVC ??? I submitted a document November 14 and since then nothing ...
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